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COVID-19 Virtual Help

The COVID-community response initiative of the Deloitte Impact Foundation to support local organisations in the crisis.

As COVID-19 struck we saw it affected a lot of people and organisations across the world and wanted to help. What better way to do so, than to use our most valuable asset: our professional expertise.

The Deloitte Impact Foundation enables all our colleagues to start initiatives in which they leverage their expertise and talents to benefit society. This initiative was started by the programme management office of the Deloitte Impact Foundation to enable all Deloitte NL colleagues to give back to society in these uncertain times.

The initiative

Tamara Veldkamp-Blaauw and Laura Grootenboer are part of the programme management office and explain more about this initiative.

Laura: ‘As COVID-19 struck we saw it affected a lot of people and organisations across the world and wanted to help. What better way to do so, than to use our most valuable asset: our professional expertise. In this situation many organisations could use our support regarding e.g. financial planning and prognoses, (new) tax and legal regulations, digital transformation or healthcare management.’ 

Tamara: ‘Through our COVID-initiative all colleagues from The Netherlands can apply for direct hours to support a local organisation they care about with their professional expertise. Our internal Deloitte Impact Foundation crowdsourcing platform has a COVID-related page where colleagues are inspired by examples of existing initiatives. Through a simple one pager they can submit their request to help and approval will be granted the next day.

Watch the video

As Nikie van Duurling, manager with the RPA team explains in the video, her team transferred the Building Bots with Kids face-to-face sessions to virtual ones.


After kicking off the initiative at the end of March 2020, already many colleagues have started an activity. Laura: ‘We aim to mobilize all Deloitte colleagues to support a local organisation with his or her professional expertise to make a great impact all together.’

Are you curious to read more about which types of activities have been started by colleagues? Take a look at the short stories below. 

Financial support for local football clubs

Colleague Tim van der Vliet, junior manager Audit, helps the football club where he has been playing football since he was six. Tim: ‘Football associations are also in bad weather now due to the corona crisis. A large part of the income of my association came from the proceeds of the canteen. That is now of course disappearing and this creates a gap in the budget. All kinds of initiatives are being set up to help the association, and I also wanted to contribute.

When the COVID-19 initiative of the Deloitte Impact Foundation came by and I looked whether I could make a link. Within Audit I work as a junior manager and the skills that I have developed in my current role, such as managing a team, discussing the management of organizations and advising them, I can also use it for my football association.

One of the challenges for the association is the administrative organization. In other words, the efficient organization of the tasks around, for example, the member administration and the cash control, and making those tasks less labor-intensive. Everything runs on (older) volunteers, so that little use is made of digital solutions, so steps can be taken. I will use my hours to help them move forward.

I recommend everyone to help their association as well. It is small-scale, feasible and you make a positive impact on your immediate environment. Certainly thanks to the initiative of the Impact Foundation that gives you 8 hours from Deloitte, you can easily use your knowledge for an association during the period that they desperately need all the help.

Cyber security advise for healthcare organisations

Colleague Kevin Jonkers, director within Risk Advisory started two COVID-community response activities. His team joined ‘’ (WHZ) to provide cyber security advice and incident response to support Dutch healthcare organisations. Secondly, they joined the ‘ICOVAI’ eco-system to test the cyber security of a new technology’s IT platform which can potentially detect COVID-19 in CT-scans. 

Kevin shares his experience: ‘Early in the COVID pandemic, we started to see cyber-attacks happening globally that abused COVID as a premise in phishing e-mails, but also direct attacks on healthcare organizations. Given the immense load these organizations are already dealing with, this inspired a direct call to action across cyber security experts (inter)nationally. A number of colleagues and myself were immediately eager to join some great initiatives and bring our expertise to the table to help the already struggling healthcare sector. 

The WHZ-initiative was able to rally 74 cyber security and legal firms to join the cause and pledge 100 hours of support in case of cyber-attacks on healthcare organizations. So far, fortunately, only one attack took place and was handled by two companies in the network quickly and efficiently. We have also reached out pro-actively to various hospitals to offer coaching and support on quickly improving cyber security, of which they are very appreciative. At the moment healthcare organisations are too occupied with regular operations to consider further improving their cyber security. I expect that we will start with concrete requests when the pressure on the medical system decreases. 

For ICOVAI, testing will commence within the next few weeks, but we were already able to give them concrete tips and pointers that helped them secure the platform. We should definitely be able to make a solid impact here, while contributing to a very cool technological innovation that should help combat COVID-19 in the near future!

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