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Deloitte invests in quality

Quality, collaboration and innovation: important pillars for growth

Despite challenging conditions in the fourth quarter, Deloitte Netherlands has delivered a solid performance. Today, Deloitte publishes its Integrated Annual Report for the 2019/2020 financial year.

23 september 2020

“Last financial year clearly has two sides”, says Hans Honig, CEO of Deloitte Netherlands. “We were able to continue the growth we had realised in the past years over the first three quarters, with a strong impact on our clients and social issues, and including a next step forward in the quality agenda. The last quarter was an exceptional period, in which our first priority has been the health and long-term perspective of our people. The speed with which we moved to working fully virtual and the flexibility and creativity of our teams has impressed me.

Despite the continuing uncertainty, we are confident about next year. Our investments in quality and innovation have laid a solid groundwork. At the same time, we see many of our clients accelerate their digital transformations. We are convinced that collaboration with strong partners and within ecosystems is crucial to success.”

Read the Integrated Annual Report 2019/2020

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Liesbeth Mol, CQO Deloitte Netherlands, stresses the importance of quality. “At Deloitte we strive every day to deliver the highest quality across all aspects of our business. This obviously applies to our audit practice where, in view of the public interest, have made additional investments in fraud detection and in developing a new set of quality indicators. We take the lead in further improving audit quality. For instance, we have actively contributed to the ongoing debate on the future of the audit sector and will continue to do so. Much attention is being paid to strengthening our organisation’s learning capacity. The crux is to strike the right balance between striving for a high audit quality while also creating a culture in which people are allowed to make mistakes. This requires an open culture in which mistakes can be discussed.” 

Oscar Snijders, COO Deloitte Netherlands, adds: “We have strongly invested in this to raise our quality, coupled with investments in digitisation and innovation of our business and in developing new teams and services. It’s part of a clear, long-term vision, which has impacted our short-term profitability.” 


  • Deloite Netherlands generated EUR 1,015 billion in revenues in the 2019/2020 financial year. A 4.9 percent growth in revenues compared with 2018-2019.
  • We welcomed 1.055 new employees this year. Deloitte Netherlands now employs a total of 6,455 employees.
  • Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) continues to be our top priority. The number of women in leadership positions within Deloitte rose by 5% to 29% this financial year. We have enhanced our I&D programme through mentoring programmes, unconscious bias trainings, and extended paternity leave.
  • Feedback from clients and stakeholders is essential to improving our business operations and increasing the impact on our clients. Our client satisfaction score 2019/2020 has risen to 8.0.
  • Focus on innovation continues to be a top priority. One of the elements is the integration of Robot Process Automation (RPA) into our Tax, Audit and client acceptance processes. We have used the latest technology to build our own tooling.
  • In actively contributing to society, we take our responsibility as an organisation. We do so in our daily work, but also with the State of the State researches - current data analyses of our country - and through the Deloitte Impact Foundation.
  • Deloitte Netherlands is part of Deloitte North South Europe (NSE) You can download the NSE Impact Report 2020 here


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