Are you ready for the digital era?


Are you ready for the digital era?

Become a trusted digital organization driven by insights 

AI, AR, VR and blockchain are taking over the landscape. And there is much more to come. No company or organization can ignore the consequences of extensive digitization and computerization. We recognize the issues and opportunities in your industry and help you translate your future business challenges into creative and innovative solutions.

We all know the world is changing, to state the obvious. But can we really comprehend how fast these new technologies change our businesses and also our customer's needs? Do we know the opportunities of digitization and how it will affect our business, processes, people and culture? With this video we wanted to start the conversation. Are you ready?

Below you can find articles where the impact of different technologies are being explained, discussed and we give practical tips to implement them. 

If you want to discuss in person, please reach out to Stephen WardStefan van Duin, or Maurice Fransen 

Are you ready? (Press play and use your mouse or mobile device to look around)

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Artificial Intelligence

The topic of Artificial Intelligence is at the top of its hype curve. There are many good reasons for that; it is exciting, promising and a bit scary at the same time. In a series of blogs we will shine some light on different aspects of AI.

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How insight driven is your organization? 

What does your customer want? How can I improve my operational management? Organizations mostly answer these questions based on their gut feeling and experience. When you add data analysis, organizations can serve their customers even better. Read more articles about Insight Driven Organisations or download the Point of View


'Point of View Becoming an Insight Driven Organisation'


Of course robotics are already inbedded in our daily practice. We know they give us a lot of opportunities in different industries but also people are worried. With these articles we want to provide you with enough information so you can start your journey through the new possibilities. 

(Dutch) De robots nemen ons werk over, en wij dan? 

(Dutch) Een huis-tuin-en-keuken-robot maken doe je zo!


Blockchain technology provides the potential to decentralize organizations and processes, and to automate transactional and administrative activities. In various industries blockchain can bring a lot of opportunities.

Read more about blockchain in financial services, HR, real estate, energy, etc.

Cyber security & Privacy

Information technology is advancing exponentially, impacting all aspects of our society and economy. It requires organizations to continuously adapt and evolve to ever changing circumstances, including increased cyber risks. Managing cyber risk with confidence is possible, but it requires a specific approach that goes beyond security. Being 100% secure is infeasible, as it would be prohibitively expensive and would have unacceptably severe impacts on an organization’s performance

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Be resilient, be a bacteria

Information on the new General Data Protection Regulation

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Virtual- and Augmented reality are the latest innovations in consumer experience. Virtual Reality allows users to immerse themselves in virtual surroundings being either a representation of a real world location or the depiction of an imaginary world. Augmented Reality blends a digital- and real life experience by overlaying content on whatever the user sees. Both technologies allow us to experience information and technology in completely new ways previously impossible or even unthinkable.

Digital Transformation

Many organizations are aware of the urgency of digital transformation. But not many know what true digital transformation is – and where to start. How do you move from ‘doing digital’ to ‘being digital’? What are the implications for your business model, people, culture, leadership, technology and legacy?

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(Podcast - Dutch) Hoe digitaal is jouw dna eigenlijk?

From 'doing digital' to 'being digital'

(Dutch) Hoe bereik je succes in dit digitale decennium? Zo dus

Masterclass Design Thinking

Design thinking is dé manier van denken geworden anno nu. Iedereen spreekt erover, maar wat is het nu? Hoe kunt u de design thinking mindset inzetten op niet alleen product development, maar ook op het vormgeven van nieuwe innovatieve processen.

Deze dag vindt plaats in de meest innovatieve ruimte van de the Edge in Amsterdam. Tijdens deze interactieve dag vol met voorbeelden en praktische oefeningen nemen wij u mee in de wereld van design thinking. Na deze dag weet u waarom design thinking belangrijk is, hoe u het kunt toepassen in projecten en wat voor tools en methodes hiervoor het beste gebruikt kunnen worden. 

Future of finance program

This exclusive 2-day program at the Singularity University of Eindhoven focusses on the digital challenges of the CFOs and Finance Executives. Let's get ready for the future together!

Highly skilled professionals of Deloitte and the Singularity University will show you the possibilities for solving your digital finance challenges.

This program will offer key insights into the future of finance and a hands-on experience that you can directly apply within your company. It will also help you to improve your role as strategic business partner.

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