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Enabling a local NGO to grow

Developing a practical roadmap for a local NGO to expand their reach in creating a socially connected city 

The Haagse Helpers team is committed to providing citizens of The Hague with a network to combat loneliness and isolation. As the ongoing pandemic continues to put up barriers to vulnerable members of society, their mission is more relevant than ever. The Deloitte Impact Foundation assisted Haagse Helpers in improving their business operations.

Helping out your fellow citizen

For many Dutch citizens, the absence of friends and family to rely on poses daily challenges. Imaging spending your days without anyone to talk to, or being confined indoors due to health issues and having no one to assist you with grocery shopping. There are countless people for whom this is a reality.  In the city of The Hague, Stichting Haagse Helpers is committed to forming a connection between citizens in need and young locals who can lend a hand. By providing this connection, Haagse Helpers plays a crucial role in the lives of many of these citizens in The Hague.

A challenging year for NGO’s

While the local NGO is dedicated to assisting as many people as possible, conducting its operations is not without challenges, especially this year. Acquiring funding is always a challenge for NGOs, and Covid has not made that task any easier. Especially the smaller non-profits like Haagse Helpers experience this the most. Haagse Helpers needed support on streamlining business processes and setting up a stakeholder strategy to expand acquisition practices. On these two topics, the Deloitte Impact Foundation was able to help. 

Support from the Deloitte Impact Foundation

Lala Mustafazade and Dick Stroet of the Resilience, Crisis and Reputation Management Team supported Haagse Helpers in developing a new strategy regarding Business Administration practices and Stakeholder Management. Over the course of two months, a number of options for a new holistic business administration system was presented, which allowed Haagse Helpers to conduct their standing processes with increased efficiency. In addition, the stakeholder strategy was redefined into several tangible elements, resulting in a clear message, sponsorship options and new CRM practices with which to reach out to new donors. This resulted in new possibilities for Haagse Helpers to conduct their operations and help as many The Hague citizens as possible. 

Lala: “Previously, I have been a part of several activities organized by Haagse Helpers. During the activities, I enjoyed assisting elderly and lonely people living in The Hague. Helping Haagse Helpers improve their business operations was also important for me since this will indirectly impact people in need.” 

Dick: “The mission of Haagse Helpers resonates with me. I think that NGOs operating on a local scale are very important, as they can make that connection with the people who need it. I was pleased to use the skills and knowledge we usually utilize in our daily projects and apply them in a completely different environment.”     

Haagse Helpers: “We enjoyed working together with the Deloitte Impact Foundation. Lala and Dick formulated helpful recommendations with regards to our business administration and fundraising activities. These recommendations will enable us to further professionalize our foundation and engage with new financial partners. Receiving financial support will help us in the long run to become a sustainable youth volunteer organization in The Hague.” 

We encourage readers to check out Haagse Helpers’ site and consider volunteering for the Haagse Helpers or making a donation.

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