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Hacking for Charity

Improving charities’ cyber security to make an impact on society, supported by the Deloitte Impact Foundation

Deloitte Impact Foundation initiative ‘Hacking for Charity’ offers free security tests to a select group of charities and cultural institutions to assess vulnerabilities in their online systems.

Hacking for the better

Many NGO’s and foundations are dedicated to creating a better world and have passionatevolunteers or employees to help them achieve this goal. Often cyber security experts are not part of the package/workforce, which increases the risk of these organisations falling prey to Cyber-attacks. Deloitte with its Hacking for Charity initiative helps organisations identify and assess possible security vulnerabilities within their IT landscape. Deloitte’s Cyber Risk practice is widely acknowledged as the leading security consulting practice in the world, and is eminently qualified to help clients respond to evolving cyber threats in a secure, vigilant, and resilient manner.

About Hacking for Charity

As the growth of the Internet is ever increasing, more charities open their digital doors to the world. Web portals are used to obtain donations and members, provide information and to host campaigns. These online activities may expose the charities to cyber threats. Deloitte wants to make an impact that matters and as such we offer free of charge security tests to a select group of charities, cultural institutes or organizations promoting diversity to assess vulnerabilities in their online systems. All hours are provided by the Deloitte Impact Foundation which enables Deloitte’s employees to make a positive impact on society.

Peter Rozier, manager within Risk Advisory at Deloitte, leads this initiative at Deloitte. Peter: ‘Hacking for Charity offers us a team to really make a difference and impact on society. The team and I really enjoy clients and initiatives that we normally would not be able to help with our professionalism, enthusiasm and insights.’

Daphne van Dijk, regional director JINC: ‘In the world we live in now, it is so important to have IT security in order. As JINC we were therefore very happy with the help of Deloitte from Hacking for Charity. They examined the security of our new planning portal and our laptops and came up with concrete advice. This enabled us to resolve certain issues in a timely manner, which is very valuable to us as a non-profit organization. Thank you again for your commitment.’

Wouter Kerst, IT Administrator Compassion Netherlands: ‘An extremely important part of our IT responsibilities is security. We do not have the specialism in-house to be able to test this properly. Fortunately, the Deloitte professionals were able to help us test our website and firewalls during the Hacking for Charity event. We appreciate the very valuable donation of time and skills!’

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Do you know a non-profit organization that could use our support in securing their IT landscape? Please send an email to Peter Rozier via the contact details below.

The Deloitte Impact Foundation

Through the Deloitte Impact Foundation, Deloitte is committed to bring a positive impact to society. We share our core competences, knowledge and network in societal initiatives to make an impact in the fields of education & employment, sustainability and inclusive society. Read more about the Deloitte Impact Foundation and view our other initiatives.

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