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Improving ‘the journey’ of the volunteer

Humanitas helps people become self-reliant. Deloitte colleagues supported them in their challenge to attract and interest (young) volunteers

The Business Model Transformation team at Deloitte starts multiple Deloitte Impact Foundation initiatives every year. This time they supported the non-profit organisation Humanitas with one of their challenges.

The challenges of Humanitas

For the past 75 years Humanitas has supported people to improve their personal situation and become self-reliant again. On a yearly basis, Humanitas Amsterdam-Diemen supports 2500 participants on the theme’s: loneliness, loss of relatives, raising a child, growing up, personal administration and detention. However, it is a challenge to attract and interest young volunteers with diverse and changing needs. For that reason, a team from BMT, consisting of Rogier van der Klauw (Coordinator), Michiel Smeenk, Lotte Diender and Randy Jagt (SME), started with a project via the Deloitte Impact Foundation.

Customer journey

By conducting over 20 interviews with volunteers, coordinators, participants and employees from Humanitas, insights were gained about the current situation at Humanitas. Based on the Design Thinking methodology and interactive sessions, the Customer Journey of the young volunteer was mapped. This approach supported Humanitas with structuring the challenges and prioritizing the solutions. 

An impactful project

During the final presentation, the results and future vision were shared and validated with over 40 interested stakeholders, varying from volunteers to directors. The organisation directly started the implementation of the improvement initiatives, impacting over 1000 (potentially young) volunteers, to enable them to provide support to 2500 Amsterdam citizens in need. 

Manager Nathanya van Lith: “The result is a very robust Customer Journey with concrete and tangible next steps to implement so our goals can be achieved”.

The Deloitte Impact Foundation

Through the Deloitte Impact Foundation, Deloitte is committed to bring a positive impact to society. We share our core competences, knowledge and network in societal initiatives to make an impact in the fields of education & employment, sustainability and endurability. Read more about the Deloitte Impact Foundation and view our other initiatives.

Are you interested to provide a helping hand yourself? Visit the Humanitas website.

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