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Supporting the Voedselbank

Deloitte colleagues use their expertise to support the Voedselbanken Nederland in their mission to provide health, free food to people who are temporarily are not able to provide food for themselves and their families

Currently, three pro-bono initiatives are running to support the Voedselbanken Nederland. Each one was started by an individual colleague at Deloitte via the Deloitte Impact Foundation. Read their blogs to learn more about their initiatives and their experiences.

The Voedselbanken Nederland

The Voedselbanken provide food which was obtained free of charge, to people in the Netherlands who are temporarily unable to buy it themselves. They do this with volunteers only.

In the Netherlands, more than a million people live below the poverty line. The Voedselbanken help those who really can't make it financially by temporarily supplying them with food packages. To provide their customers with sufficient food, they work together with companies, institutions, municipalities and private individuals. In this way, together they ensure that poverty is combated, food surpluses disappear and the environment is less burdened. To increase the self-reliance of their customers, they work with local organizations that help our customers get back on their own two feet. After all, food aid must always be temporary. Read more on their website

Initiative 1 | Success of the Foodmarket

Deloitte colleagues from Business Model Transformation (BMT) team use their expertise to support the Voedselbank Nederland in their mission to provide free food to people who are unable to buy food themselves. In this blog, Linda, Ivar and Arantxa share how they supported Voedselbank Amsterdam Zuid by defining the success of the Foodmarket (VoedselMarkt), a new supermarket concept of the Voedselbank. Read the blog.

Initiative 2 | The Societal Impact of Voedselbanken Nederland

In this blog Kirsten Petram will give insight on challenges that Voedselbanken Nederland are facing and how to measure the impact they are making. She shares how Deloitte helps Voedselbanken Nederland to tackle these challenges and why this project also makes an impact on herself. Read the blog.

Initiative 3 | Managing the Voedselbank Zwolle in an efficient way

Colleague Maarten Hoogeveen, from Deloitte’s Audit and Advisory practice in Zwolle started a Deloitte Impact Foundation initiative to support the local Voedselbank in Zwolle. Through this blog, he shares his experience of organising their internal contol system in an efficient way. Read the blog.

The Deloitte Impact Foundation

Through the Deloitte Impact Foundation, Deloitte is committed to bring a positive impact to society. We share our core competences, knowledge and network in societal initiatives to make an impact in the fields of education & employment, sustainability and endurability. Read more about the Deloitte Impact Foundation and view our other initiatives.

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