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The WorldClass education programme: 'Together we can make a difference'

Improve future prospects for 900,000 vulnerable people, supported by the Deloitte Impact Foundation

The WorldClass Programme represents Deloitte’s ambition to improve the future prospects of 100 million people across the world by 2030. Under the programme’s umbrella, we want to reach at least 75,000 people in the Netherlands every year, for the next ten years. How? By using our professional skills and expertise in collaboration with the Deloitte Impact Foundation. By setting up scalable and sustainable projects. And by collaborating with as many valuable partners as possible. Together, we make a powerful impact and improve the future. Countless students worldwide are struggling to move forward, unable to fulfil their ambitions and potential. As a professional service provider, Deloitte is committed to make a meaningful impact. It’s why, through our WorldClass Programme, we leverage our expertise to enhance employment prospects and educational equality for students. Our mission is clear: we strive for an equal chance to succeed and thrive for everyone!

Worldwide, millions of people are left behind, unable to fulfil their ambitions and potential. As a large professional services provider with a big network and broad competencies, Deloitte can make a difference. That is why, with the WorldClass Programme, we will vigorously use our expertise over the next ten years to improve the future prospects of less prosperous citizens. In the Netherlands, the initiatives of the programme focus on improving the quality of education and increasing employment. Reducing inequality in opportunities and developing every talent, that is what we aim for!

Who is this for?

Research shows that individuals who experience lifelong inequality of opportunity often face limited prospects in the labor market. Therefore, the Dutch WorldClass Programme is focused on students in primary education (PE), secondary education (SE), and senior secondary vocational education (MBO) within disadvantaged urban neighborhoods. Our aim is to better prepare these students for educational and career paths in the evolving knowledge economy. One significant challenge is that the alignment between many MBO programs and the current demands of the business community is lacking. Consequently, graduates hold diplomas that do not readily lead to employment. The WorldClass Programme in the Netherlands was conceived as a response to these pressing issues. Focusing on the promotion of equal opportunities, talent development and allowing them to broaden their horizons. Additionally, we place special emphasis on supporting marginalized groups, including refugees and individuals distanced from the labor market.

Our ambition to reach 75,000 individuals annually within a decade. However, we prioritize quality over quantity, and WorldClass Programme projects must meet specific criteria. They should be measurable, deliver significant impact, and embody innovation, inviting contributions from Deloitters across diverse expertise areas. Each project is designed to directly benefit at least 1,000 people simultaneously.
We provide the knowledge and skills of our Deloitte colleagues free of charge by facilitating workshops on digital skills and financial health. We also provide guest lectures on topics such as energy transition and soft skills such as communication and job application skills.

Who do we collaborate with?

Deloitte's expansive network and proficiency in building and managing ecosystems are assets we leverage for the WorldClass Programme. We actively seek public-private partnerships to maximize the program's impact.We collaborate with partners who have an existing infrastructure and operational organisations. When there is an opportunity for synergy, we also facilitate connections among these partners. Our WorldClass partners fall into two categories:

  • Enhancement Partners: This group comprises organizations that stand to benefit from Deloitte's expertise to elevate their professionalism and amplify their impact on the target audience.
  • Implementation Partners: The second group consists of partners who join us in executing our projects, offering their resources and efforts to drive our shared initiatives forward.


Many projects have already started or are scheduled to start soon. Here are a few examples:

Every child is talented. Including the hundreds of thousands of Dutch children who grow up in an environment with high unemployment and few role models. Therefore, JINC fights for a society where your background does not determine your future. To achieve this, JINC helps children aged 8 to 16 get a good start in the labour market. The JINC programme introduces them to a host of professions, helps them discover which work suits their talents, and teaches them how to apply for a job.


Stichting Campus Nederland

Stichting Campus Nederland offers educational and inspiring programmes both during school holidays and beyond, aligned with schools’ existing educational programmes to ensure a joint effort in sustaining pupils’ growth. Children receive extra lessons and guidance on the core subjects and on many other topics.


Scaling Social Enterprises

Deloitte is currently helping sixteen Social Enterprises that employ people at a distance from the labour market scale up their businesses, so they can help more people within this target group into employment.

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The Deloitte Impact Foundation

Through the Deloitte Impact Foundation, Deloitte is committed to making a positive impact on society. We believe we can make the biggest difference by sharing our core competences, knowledge and network in social initiatives. And thus make an impact in the fields of education & employment, sustainability, and a sustainable society. Together, our people and partners seek connections to increase our impact on society. Read more about the Deloitte Impact Foundation and view our projects.

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