As part of the implementation of our Plan 2020, in 2018/2019 we continued to build on our Innovation Strategy. The cornerstone of this strategy is that we remain on track to become ‘the most innovative professional services firm in the Netherlands’, obtaining 30% of our revenues in 2020 from innovative products & services. In this section we highlight some examples.


An example of Deloitte turning innovation into business is the RegMiner tool, a tool which helps financial institutions stay on top of changing laws and regulations. RegMiner makes it easy for them to monitor and control their legal obligations, which in turn frees up time for them to better serve their clients.

Digital Health Compliance

Innovation in healthcare is essential to deliver sustainable and affordable high quality care. With a fully cross-functional Digital Health Compliance (DHC) label, Deloitte takes away obstructions related to security, privacy and compliance. Taking clients down the ‘road to compliance’ ensures the protection of sensitive patient data in digital solutions and stimulates innovations in healthcare organisations.

Client innovation

To welcome our clients and inspire them to innovate, we opened The Garage in the former Citroen garage next to the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam. At this new location, co-creation will take place to generate future business solutions. We also opened the new Deloitte Greenhouse in The Edge on the 13th floor. Using the latest technologies, the Greenhouse offers clients lab sessions to solve complex issues or focus on C-level agendas.

Innovation BV

Inspired by fast shifting client needs, and the need for new knowledge and skills, Deloitte set up its Innovation department in 2007. Besides offering diverse programs and incubating new businesses, Deloitte Innovation focuses on building new knowledge and capabilities in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain with the business both internally and with clients.

Center for the Edge

Deloitte Center for the Edge partners with CEOs and senior executives to help them make sense of and profit from emerging opportunities on the edge of business and technology. We help leaders understand the fundamental changes shaping the world, navigate the short-term challenges and identify long-term opportunities.