We strive to be a valuable and valued part of society through the services we deliver in both the public and the private sector. To further enhance our impact on society, we created the Deloitte Impact Foundation (DIF). DIF encourages our people to share their knowledge, energy and talents to benefit society. In this section we highlight some examples of projects we undertook in 2018/2019.

Medical Business Foundation and Deloitte

With the partnership between Medical Business Foundation and Deloitte we made an impact on the Dutch healthcare system by exchanging knowledge between the Deloitte community (consulting & management professionals) and more than 250 young healthcare professionals via the Medical Business Foundation.

World Food Programme

A team of Deloitters helped the World Food Programme (WFP) with developing a blockchain strategy focused on the different initiatives within the organisation. The majority of the work was focused on the development of a blockchain supply chain project (Blocks for Transport) that could reduce the delay of food delivery by 50%.

Future Academy

We launched the Future Academy to support former refugees in building a Dutch network and learning about working in the Netherlands in the (financial) advisory business. In collaboration with the New Dutch Connections Foundation, 25 former refugees attended a ten-week programme aimed at familiarising themselves with the Dutch labour market and the various facets of Deloitte itself, with each participant receiving direct supervision from a Deloitte colleague.

Think Forward Initiative

Deloitte is also business and lead innovation partner of the cross-company, not-for-profit, Think Forward Initiative (TFI). At the moment, 42% of Europeans are in financial stress and have trouble making ends meet, and TFI aims to solve this by empowering 100 million consumers across Europe to make better financial decisions. TFI has selected eight start-ups that embody the TFI goals and is helping them build their capabilities and connect with Deloitte’s corporate clients so they can scale faster.

Other examples

Other examples of projects were the National Money Exam through which money lessons were facilitated to over 300 children at different Deloitte offices and our continued cooperation in the project involving Alice, an independently operating care robot.