In making an impact on our clients and society at large, our talent is of key importance. It is their quality, ingenuity and perseverance that ultimately determine the value that we are able to create. Our ability to attract, develop and retain the right people is therefore a key success factor for our business and one of the pillars of our Plan 2020.

Attraction of talent

Considering Deloitte's growing need for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) graduates, the Employer Branding team took an innovative approach to boosting Deloitte’s company perception among STEM-talent: presenting them with a Facebook game. Targeted STEM-talents were challenged to take strategic decisions for a fictional self-driving car manufacturer. We reached 1.3 million STEM talents this way, with around 85,000 people actually playing.

Development & Learning

We aim to provide our talent a truly distinctive experience by offering career enhancing assignments, and broad development in a healthy work-life environment. We recognise that a career model must reflect the needs of a new generation that are more flexible, and with people leadership at the core of development efforts.

Diversity and inclusion

Our approach to diversity and inclusion focuses on gender, LGBT and cultural diversity. Company-wide communities have been set up to support each of these diversity dimensions. For example, to enable our future female leaders to maximise their potential, we launched a Female Mentoring Programme in 2017/2018. Since its launch, 215 female managers and senior managers have participated in the programme which was supported by over 126 Mentors comprised of Partners, Directors as well as all ExCo members.


To enhance the vitality of our workforce, we have policies and tooling in place to support a healthy lifestyle while having a challenging job, both physically and mentally. For example, the Deloitte’s Time Out regulation is a flexible leave opportunity enabling employees to take an additional month off a year whilst continuing their secondary employee benefits. Marloes de Raad used Deloitte’s Time Out regulation for a yoga teacher training in India.