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Webinar: Leadership in times of COVID-19

Is Resilient Leadership the key to navigating a crisis?

A crisis is paradoxical because it pulls you as a leader in opposite directions. You are torn between acknowledging the risk and the fear, whilst also wanting to seize the opportunity and give hope. You’re asked to give direction even if you’re really in the dark yourself. On top of that, people expect you to be supportive while you also have to take painful measures and hold them to account. How can you as a leader deal with these paradoxical demands? Egon Hoppe and Ronald Meijers, Partners within Consulting Human Capital, will provide you with their vision and experiences.

The following topics will be discussed during the webinar:

  • Who are best equipped to navigate a crisis, the optimists or the
  • What typical crisis-pitfalls should you avoid?
  • Next to being paradoxical, how are crises different from other
  • What are the 5 golden rules for successful leadership in
    extraordinary times?

Webinar: Leadership in times of COVID-19 | Deloitte Netherlands

Dutch Version / Nederlandse versie

Webinar: Leiderschap in tijden van COVID-19 | Deloitte Nederland

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