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Blog: Salesforce Training Paths

Salesforce and Deloitte Academy offer a divers training package to provide you with the skills and knowledge to get the most out of Salesforce. We offer trainings for every role within your company, from end user until developer. We would like to guide you through the Salesforce training paths.

Blog: Will Artificial intelligence replace your Sales Reps?

Salesforce presented last week during their yearly ‘Dreamforce’ event ‘Einstein’: Artificial Intelligence (AI) for your CRM. Will this be a game changer in the way you interact with your customer or will it be just a gimmick for the early adopter? You might not be aware, but Artificial Intelligence is already around us everywhere: when Facebook shows me ‘relevant’ posts, when Google auto-suggests search entries or when Waze offers optimal routes to my work. It all leverages the power of large data analyses to predict what the best thing is to offer to you is as an individual person.

Goin on Chatter SAFARIS

At most companies I've been involved in implementing Salesforce I usually find myself explaining the true potential of Chatter as a company collaboration instrument and business enabler. Most people see it as a nice gimmick or added feature of Salesforce but will focus more on defining processes and requirements without giving much thought to Chatter. Using Chatter on a large scale and with great added value will need a lot of energy and investment, but I think every Salesforce user should be helped to go on Chatter SAFARIS.

Manual: How to integrate Google maps within a Visualforce page

This manual will learn how to integrate Google maps within a Visualforce page.

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