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FAQ - Cyber Risk Services

On this page you will find the frequently asked questions about the Cyber Risk Services program.

Questions Courses and Exam related

When can I register for the exam?

The deadline for registration is indicated on the website of ISACA. The deadline is in most cases about six weeks before the start of the course. For exact dates, see the link.

When do I know if the course will definitely take place?

No later than two weeks before the start of the course, we will let you know whether the course will take place.

Is it possible to receive the exam voucher for the CISSP course earlier?

No, this isn’t possible. You will receive the voucher after the course from the facilitator.

I registered for a course of several days, but will be unable to attend for one day or daypart. Is it possible to later, or through home study, catch up for this absent time?

To ensure the quality of the course, we can contact the facilitator. Only the facilitator can determine the impact of the absence and give an advice on the participation. In this case you can contact the Deloitte Academy, by phone +31 (0)88-2889333 or via nlacademy@deloitte.nl

Will the course also be offered at other dates?

All scheduled dates are mentioned on our website. If you want additional information about this, you can contact the Deloitte Academy, by phone +31 (08)8-2889333 or via nlacademy@deloitte.nl

Questions about Course materials

When do I get the course material at my disposal?

In the most cases the course material will be presented during the course. If different, you will receive a notice from us.


Do I need to prepare anything before the course starts?

Basically not, in other situations you will be informed.

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