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FAQ - Introduction to Cyber Security

All companies can become a prey for hackers, and to minimize the risk of this to happen, cyber security is essential. Moreover, cyber security is an opportunity for companies to improve the quality of their services. Yet, some layers of organizations seem not to be aware of this opportunity. We spoke with Gerrit Kortlever, junior manager Risk Advisory and lead facilitator of Deloitte’s Introduction to Cyber course, about the added value of cyber security.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Cyber Security


For what kind of people is it essential to have knowledge of Cyber Security in order to excel in their jobs?

An organization is as weak as its weakest link. Therefore, cyber security is important for everyone; from the cleaners till director level. The Intro to Cyber course focuses mainly on employees using IT-systems. The module ‘E-Mail’ for instance, is relevant for all people using Office products. Other modules could also be relevant for team managers of technical teams who do not have a technical background themselves.”


What are elements of cyber security in general that everyone should understand?

“Everyone should understand why basic hygiene in IT is important. Practically, this means that you should recognize in which ways malware could infect a system and why your software should be up-to-date.”


 Why is a preventive cyber security approach important? What are the risks?

As cliché as it gets; a stitch in time saves nine. Moreover, most of the time it is more advantageous financially as well.  It ensures that the chance of a security incident decreases. Also, in case of an incident, the response is often much more effective than without a preventive approach.”


How can cyber security contribute to the quality of a product or service from a company as perceived by their clients?

“I sometimes ask myself in what business a company is operating. Oftentimes it appears that all business processes are dependent on IT. In practice this means that a company has turned into a IT-company. Building an IT-environment itself is not the challenge, but to build an IT-environment that is sustainable, resilientm  for security incidents and supports the business’ operations in an adequate way can be a challenge. Security therefore is an indicator of quality.”


Nowadays we often see the message that ‘Cyber security is an opportunity’. What exactly do we mean with ‘opportunity’ in this context?

“By opportunity we mean that we do not have to secure everything. In some situations you can opt to accept a risk to maintain progress. On the other
hand, cyber security is an indicator for quality and progress. For instance,
from a security team you can expect the demand to upgrade a system from version 5 to version 6. Not only does this contribute to a more resilient system, the new version could also improve the functionalities from which your business’ operations could become more efficient. Business operations are the biggest winner in the end.”


Is it possible to obtain cyber security certificates after having attended Deloitte Academy's ‘Introduction to Cyber’ course?

“Intro to Cyber is a starting point for people without technical background but who do work with cyber security issues. The goal is to lay a foundation to obtain other security certificates.”

For example:

· Certified Practitioner of ISO27001



Gerrit Kortlever

Gerrit Kortlever

Questions about Course materials

When do I get the course material at my disposal?

In the most cases the course material will be presented during the course. If different, you will receive a notice from us.


Do I need to prepare anything before the course starts?

Basically not, in other situations you will be informed.

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