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Going on Chatter SAFARIS

How to guide your users to improve the use of Salesforce Chatter

Thomas Veltman - 4 March 2016

At most companies I've been involved in implementing Salesforce I usually find myself explaining the true potential of Chatter as a company collaboration instrument and business enabler. Most people see it as a nice gimmick or added feature of Salesforce but will focus more on defining processes and requirements without giving much thought to Chatter. Using Chatter on a large scale and with great added value will need a lot of energy and investment, but I think every Salesforce user should be helped to go on Chatter SAFARIS.

What is Chatter?

Chatter is pitched by Salesforce as a "private and secure social network just for your business". Like Facebook and Twitter it lets you stay in contact with everyone in your network. But more importantly is allows you to easily communicate "in context" around your Sales, Service or other process. Collaboration through Chatter potentially improves productivity and increase innovation by providing a platform for idea creation and development regardless of time and location of the users. 


In my opinion Chatter has been much improved over the last releases by Salesforce. It is now possible to share Salesforce records in groups, create tasks from Chatter posts, edit post to improve quality and file sharing is now much more advanced. Salesforce has invested in improving Chatter to better setup Groups to collaborate around customers, produces, topics or within business units. 


The true impact of Chatter is depending on 1 thing only: how you use it! It is important to ensure executive and management sponsorship, not in words, but in use of Chatter. For ongoing success, it is critical to find individual evangelists who love the technology and can act as support users. To help users in how to best use Chatter, please guide them on Chatter SAFARIS

Share a link. “Here is a link to the latest product review on the website.”

Ask a question. “Has anyone encountered this problem before, and if so, how was it solved?”

Find resources. “Looking for support on solving this issues at one of our customers.”

Answer a post. “Here are links to a similar case that can help solve yours. Send me a message if you need help.”

Recognize a colleague. “Thanks to @JohnB and team for winning this must-win deal in tough compatition!”

Inform about your activities. “Will be in the Amsterdam office today; does anyone wish to meet?”

Suggest an idea. “Local office TV screens should display the global Chatter conversation stream.”

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