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How mature is your customer journey?

More and more (not to say practically all) organizations are turning an approach that takes the customer experience (CX) as a primary starting point.

Franklin Heijnen

Some customer journeys are more equal than others

Research shows that this approach pays off. For example, the Forrester Customer Experience Index tells that CX leaders have compound average growth of 17% compared 3% for the CX laggards. 

Design thinking and service design are becoming the dominant way to enable a user/customer/employee centered way of work and way of organizing. 

"We use personas and journeys so we are user centric"

We hardly come across organizations that do not use personas and journeys anymore. And, do not get me wrong, it's definitely a great development that so many people are using them. They are part of the toolset of service design to create an organization that has deep insights into the needs of its customer and employees. Also its structure, processes and systems will be adapted to create meaningful and differential experiences.

Defining the maturity of service design

As we experience different levels in the way organizations apply service design we have created a maturity model. The model helps to access the level of maturity on four key dimensions of service design and enables to make clear choices for growth and developing capabilities in this field. 

Four key dimensions of service design: empathy, mastery, organization and impact

Service design is not only about know your customer and creating differential front stage experiences. Looking at people, processes and systems to make these experiences real (back stage) is also part of this methodology. So our model looks at four pillars and key questions:

  1. Empathy: How well do you you know your customer?
  2. Mastery: How good are you a applying service design?
  3. Organisation: How well is service design integrated in your organizational processes?
  4. Impact: How do you shape the world around you?

Each dimension has it's own subset of questions to access the level of mastery. As an example we look at the dimension empathy. 

How can you choose which journey to focus on?

Organizations generally make use of a portfolio of journeys. To create a hierarchy you could score these journeys on dimensions like: contribution to client and business goals, pains, gains and volume. This makes it easier and transparent to choose what journey should get the most focus.

Digital Service Maturity Model
Mastery Model

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