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Salesforce Training Paths

Deloitte Academy launches ''Salesfore Training Paths''! 

Salesforce and Deloitte Academy offer a divers training package to provide you with the skills and knowledge to get the most out of Salesforce. We offer trainings for every role within your company, from end user until developer. We would like to guide you through the Salesforce training paths.

Company X wants to get their Salesforce users up and running as quickly as possible and wants to avoid wasting money by educating the wrong skills to the wrong people. 

The first employee that company X wants to train Salesforce, is Peter. Peter is a talented developer and would like to strengthen his developer skills within Salesforce. Peter’s recommended Salesforce training path is the developer’s track. By taken these developer classes he will gain developer skills and learn to build, design and implement customer apps quickly. Company X recommends Peter to continue his Salesforce journey by following the DEV-402 training, assuming Peter is already ADM-201 certified.  

Company X has also started using the service cloud and is looking for a service cloud specialist. Claus is currently looking for a new role within Company X and would love to be part of the service cloud implementation. He needs to gather basic Salesforce knowledge first, through ADM-201. After certifying he will then join the ADM-261 instructor led classroom training. 

After successfully implementing the service cloud, company X would like to pursue with marketing campaigns. These campaigns will be made in the Marketing cloud. Anna is the marketing specialist, but has no Salesforce marketing cloud experience.

Anna decides to follow the complete the Marketing cloud training path. This path contains the following training: EEB-101 marketing cloud consultant. She is now able to set up email campaigns and capable of connecting the marketing cloud to service and sales cloud so the marketing cloud has all the service and sales data and enables sales and service to see marketing data.  

The Sales cloud will support company X with lead generation and conversion, it will also support the sales reps during their sales cycle.  Anna has made sure that the data gathered in the marketing cloud is also visible in the sales cloud. The sales cloud does also need some extra tweaking, which is the responsibility of Bob, to get Bob up to speed he will join Claus during the ADM-201 course and the CRT-101 certification course. After that he will attend the Sales Cloud consultant (ADM-251) course and will get certified with the help of the CRT-251 one day training.  

As you can see Company X was in need of multiple skills for different positions with their company. For every role and responsibility Salesforce offers the right trainings, we have created this easy overview for you to be sure to choose the right training for the right person. 

We offer other courses besides the one discussed above. For further information on the course program contact Deloitte Academy.

Salesforce Learning Paths

routes-sales-force-2016 ADM201 CRT101 ADM251 ADM261 ADM211 CRT261 CRT251 EEB101 ADM201 DEV402 DEV450 CRT450
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