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Salesforce trainings

Salesforce training will provide more success in using Salesforce and with that it will have more value for your company.

Most popular for admins

Whether you are a new administrator or experienced, Deloitte Academy is an official Salesforce reseller for the training that fits your needs.

For new admins

The ADX201; Administrative Essentials for new admins in Lightning Experience: An extensive and interactive training that ensures your success with Salesforce.

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For experienced admins

The ADX211; Administrative Essentials for experienced administrators: For those who are ready to increase their skills and knowledge about how Salesforce can solve their most pressing business needs.

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Certification for admins

CRT101; Preparing for your Salesforce administration Certification: This course covers all the details around the exam objectives to become a Salesforce Certified Administrator.

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Recommended for beginners

The ADX201 training is a must have for new administrators. Also it is highly recommended to complete this course before starting a Salesforce deployment or when taking over an existing deployment.

Top 3 trainings for developers

Apex & Visualforce Controllers


Perfect for developers who want a deep dive into using Apex to build, extend, and deploy Salesforce applications on the platform.

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Certification Preparation for Platform Developer 1


By covering the details around the exam objectives, this course will help hone your problem-solving skills and reinforce your knowledge of key topics.

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Declarative Development for Platform App Builders


Master Salesforce’s suite of click-not-code options for developing valuable apps and functionality over five days of guided scenarios, lectures, and discussion.

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Trainings for solution designers

Salesforce fundamentals For Business Administration Specialist


The course walks through a series of typical business challenges to provide you with the background to solve your specific business needs.

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Sales Cloud Consultant Certification


The course provides an overview of the exam objectives to help you focus your efforts to prepare for the Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Certification exam.

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Service Cloud Consultant Certification


The course provides an overview of the exam objectives to help you focus your efforts to prepare for the Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Certification exam.

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Why Deloitte Academy?

Salesforce Trailhead is a great addition, but it makes a lot of sense to have the more complex topics explained to you by an officially certified instructor. Jan Vreedenburgh

Jan Vreedenburgh

Certified Salesforce Intructor • Deloitte Digital

The training had been prepared well, all our questions have been answered and we were able to put the lessons learned into practice directly after. Evie de Petter

Evie de Petter

Business Process Analyst • NN Belgium

Trainings for end users

Discover the wide range of trainings for end users. User and admin training is available for marketing specialists, sales reps, sales managers and more.

For marketers

Essentials for marketing cloud email marketers (EEB101): Gain hands-on experience creating emails, sending and tracking results, managing subscriber data, segmenting data to deliver targeted, relevant messages, and learning automation tools to automate campaigns and daily tasks.

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For sales managers

Sales Cloud training for Sales Managers (SLS201): Discuss best practices and gain hands-on experience running sales reports, forecasting with realtime data, tracking quota attainment, and using productivity tools to successfully manage sales teams.

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For reporting

Reporting Fundamentals (RPX101): The course covers Salesforce’s existing reports as well as the Salesforce reporting toolset, designed to help you customize existing reports and create your own reports.

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Haven't found the right training?

There are many more trainings Salesforce has on offer. Please check out the complete overview. In case you need assistance in finding the right training, please contact us.

Deloitte Academy, the quality you are looking for

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Possibility of customized incompany trainings

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Cancellation & Transfer Conditions

By Participant

Until four weeks (up to 16 Business days) before the start of the course you may cancel your participation, free of charge, by sending an email to Moving your participation to a different date involves costs. In the overview below you will find the cancellation and Transfer costs. Should you be unable to attend, a colleague may also take your place, without any additional costs. Should this occur, we would appreciate it if you could inform us in time.

By Deloitte

Deloitte Academy reserves the right to cancel the course at any time or move the date of the event. If so, you will be informed in due time.

Cancellation or request for transfer by participant Cancellation cost Expenses due to transfer
4 weeks (up to 16 Business days) before the start of the course 0 % 0 %
3 - 2 weeks (15 to 10 Business days) before the start of the course 50 % 25 %
1 week (5 Business days) before the start of the course 100 % 50 %

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