Closed-Loop Marketing Solution

Seamless integration of planning, budgeting, spending, campaign orchestration, and performance to achieve more cost-efficient marketing

Planning, executing, and tracking marketing campaigns can be challenging, especially when multiple brands and different markets are involved. Budgets are limited and must be managed wisely. Deloitte’s Closed-Loop Marketing Solution ensures enhanced decision-making and operations through integrated financial management and marketing automation. Built with the capabilities of Anaplan’s financial planning platform and Adobe’s Experience Cloud, this single-source solution enables best-in-class closed-loop processes to achieve more cost-efficient marketing.

Companies fail to connect the dots on spending and marketing activity

Today’s marketing relies upon significant coordination across organizational functions, processes, and platforms. Siloed data, disconnected processes and technology, and missing analytics capabilities can impact CMOs’ abilities to maximize marketing effectiveness, increase revenue, meet compliance standards, and optimize spending.

Running campaigns for multiple products and services in different markets can be an arduous task—especially when planning, execution, and controlling are not connected or automated. Detached tools and manual workflows frequently prevent transparent budget management and faster time-to-market. Many organizations therefore struggle to run marketing programs efficiently and track ROI and performance end-to-end for full cost control and elevated campaign effectiveness.

How Closed-Loop Marketing can help maximize marketing effectiveness

Our solution ensures your budget truly optimizes your marketing results

Deloitte’s Closed-Loop Marketing (CLM) Solution combines technologies from Anaplan and Adobe to integrate financial planning and controlling with marketing automation capabilities to help organizations attain more control and transparency over their marketing programs. It enhances decision-making and program execution from top-down to bottom-up, providing real-time financial details and 360-degree customer insights in one solution.

Our CLM Solution incorporates leading marketing resource management practices and leverages the latest cloud platform technology into a powerful cross-industry solution tailored to your organizational needs. The unique combination of Anaplan’s financial management platform and Adobe’s Experience Cloud enables agile, true closed-loop marketing with integrated, automated processes. These processes work end-to-end across investment and execution, planning and outcome, as well as across people and strategy to improve both marketing spending and performance. Integrated data flows and workflows ensure your campaigns will be managed with greater speed and accuracy.

Closed-loop marketing increases transparency and efficiency in your organization

Deloitte’s CLM Solution integrates data, processes, and teams. It helps manage marketing programs throughout the organization and across multiple stakeholders, running the gamut from marketing leadership to marketing operations and finance. It seamlessly connects planning, budgeting, and campaign strategy to performance and corporate objectives for measurable, connected, cost-efficient marketing.

Our CLM Solution allows brands to manage resources centrally and to integrate people, budgets, assets, and workflows across the organization for better marketing output while executing end-to-end cost performance. It delivers frictionless end-to-end planning, execution, and analytics to keep CFOs and CMOs in the loop at every single step of the process.

Organizations will benefit from:

  • Better marketing spending.
    Thanks to transparent top-down budget allocation and bottom-up controlling across campaigns.
  • Faster time-to-market.
    Thanks to connected, automated workflows for planning, running, and tracking marketing programs.
  • Greater brand consistency.
    Thanks to integrated approval and asset management capabilities that help ensure compliance standards.

Business value this solution has provided our customers

Companies that drive truly connected marketing, from planning and execution to performance using seamlessly integrated teams, data, processes, technologies, and analytics can achieve:

Deloitte’s CLM Solution has unlocked real value in customer projects. For example, our solution for an American multinational retail corporation to run closed-loop processes for goal setting, planning, execution, and performance measurement effectively generated greater demand and customer re-engagement.

For another client, a Chinese multinational high-tech company specializing in computer hardware and electronics, we improved operational excellence and speed-to-market. Our CLM Solution enabled fully digital planning and global budget visibility with a common set of KPIs, while seamlessly integrating financial management with marketing automation for a faster, more cost-efficient campaign execution.

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