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Dataiku and Deloitte Alliance

More Innovation. Better Business Insights. Improved AI Outcomes.

Organizations struggle to keep up with the fast evolution of Generative AI due to a skills gap in their workforce and outdated tech, making it hard to fully leverage the latest in data analytics and AI.

Deloitte’s AI and data analytics migration services, powered by Dataiku, helps organizations lower technical debt, develop an AI adoption strategy, and transition to a scalable platform that can drive better data insights with speed and scale. Dataiku, the Universal AI Platform, is the only platform on the market that unifies all your data work, from analytics to Generative AI, for maximum Return on AI (ROAI).

Deloitte Dataiku Alliance

About our Alliance

A Deloitte survey found that 79% of business leaders expect GenAI to drive organizational transformation by the end of 2026, and that one of the leading barriers to GenAI adoption is a lack of technical skills within their workforce.

Deloitte's Analytics and AI Modernization services, powered by Dataiku, leads the way in helping organizations navigate the complexities of AI modernization and AI scaling.

This alliance combines Deloitte’s deep understanding of your industry and regulatory environment with Dataiku’s user-friendly, innovative platform to drive business results. Scale your organization’s AI programs while reducing bottlenecks, driving change, democratizing innovation, industrializing and monitoring deployment, and establishing governance.

Democratize the AI Lifecycle

Deloitte with Dataiku lets you mobilize the workforce to contribute to AI innovation, even if workers have no background in data science. Dataiku allows your technical and non-technical workforce to collaborate in the same technology environment. When innovation is democratized, your data engineers, machine learning engineers, and data scientists are liberated to focus on the highest value work.

Scale Data Science
Using Dataiku, you can turn your data into a strategic asset. Empower workers to discover insights and build AI solutions that scale. Dataiku abstracts away and simplifies layers of complexity related to connecting to data and configuring compute resources, while Deloitte works with your user base to improve operations, and enhance how the workforce contributes to data science and AI initiatives.

Manage AI Risk & Governance
Deploying AI at scale means contending with risks and meeting regulatory requirements. Dataiku helps tackle the dynamic regulatory environment by managing and documenting each model's development, deployment, and operation steps. Deloitte helps you identify and track priority risks and ethical issues, such that AI at scale is at the heart of Deloitte’s Trustworthy AI Framework. Deloitte knows how to help you use Dataiku to structure AI governance and align your people, processes, and technologies to satisfy rules and laws as they are codified.

Ready to accelerate your AI journey and become a data-centric pioneer in your industry? Connect with us and learn how Deloitte and Dataiku prepare your organization for Generative AI and analytics capabilities.

Offerings and case study

Using Dataiku to Tackle Changing Pension Regulations

In the Netherlands, changes in the regulatory landscape require pension funds to be audit-ready from 2024. Accomplishing this will mean creating, sorting, and analyzing mountains of documentation that will also require data visualization. While usually this would mean hours of manual work, by using Dataiku, Deloitte can speed up the process, through AI.
With Deloitte and Dataiku, AI development can become standardized and democratized, documentation becomes automated, models are visualized in a user-friendly way, and stakeholders can work together in a seamless environment, according to their capabilities, to identify and manage risks.

Using Dataiku to Tackle Data Literacy

A major technology company struggled with low data and analytics literacy in its finance organizations, and its existing centralized analytics team could not meet business function demand. Deloitte and Dataiku designed a curriculum to elevate data literacy, improve workforce productivity through automation, and reduce the risk of knowledge loss. As a result, more than 60 users were onboarded across 17 finance functions.

Using Dataiku to Tackle Streamlining

A pharmaceutical company was using a variety of data and analytic platforms in its Human Health division, and it sought a way to align on a single way forward, simplify operations, focus its resources, and support a positive analytics user experience. With Dataiku as the selected platform, Deloitte delivered a user onboarding strategy, developed a high-touch, concierge-style approach to support Dataiku usage, and provided on-demand data science engineering services. The effort led to more than 200 users being onboarded across 50 global teams, which improved time-to-value for contracted projects and reduced future technical debt by aligning the company on single platform.

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