Overige Publicaties


Overige Publicaties

Op deze pagina zijn een aantal overige publicaties opgenomen die relevant zijn voor internationale (beursgenoteerde) ondernemingen met inrichtingen in Nederland. Met betrekking tot de internationale accounting guidance verwijzen wij verder naar de IFRS-website van Deloitte (www.iasplus.com), waarin onze global IFRS content is opgenomen.


Remuneration Report – Best practices
Examples of good practices from AEX companies.

Based on contacts with clients and relations, we noticed a need for useful examples on how to apply the several new elements of the remuneration report as required by art 135b NCC. The aim of this publication is to provide these good practices based on the 25 companies included in the AEX-index of the Euronext Amsterdam Exchange.

Financial reporting requirements for Dutch listed and other public interest entities
Overtime, the regulations and legislation with respect to the financial reporting requirements of entities whose registered office is in the Netherlands has increased significantly.

This publication is one of a series that provides an overview of the financial reporting requirements that Dutch Public Interest Entities (PIEs) need to comply with. The aim of this particular publication is to provide a comprehensive list of specific financial reporting requirements that entities with issued securities other thanshares listed on a regulated market in the EU/EER, not having listed shares, whose registered office is in the Netherlands and whose home member state is the Netherlands, (hereinafter referred to as ‘entity/entities with listed securities other than shares’), need to apply.

This publication covers requirements for financial years starting on or after 1 January2020.

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