Advanced Risk Sensing

Uncover hidden risks and seize opportunities with precision

Discover how Advanced Risk Sensing uncovers risks by analyzing external content from multiple sources in many different languages worldwide. Explore this AI driven tool to uncover risks among multiple dimensions, ensuring you stay ahead and informed. Dive deeper into this intelligence revolution.

Elevating Deloitte’s services with Risk Sensing

Discover how Deloitte can help you with Advanced Risk Sensing. This innovative AI tool ingest the world’s content in near real time. It ingests content from over 5 million documents a day, across 200 markets and in 75 languages. Access all the sources that matter! There are over 1,8 million sources across published media, podcasts, blogs, broadcast content and social media.  

Why Risk Sensing is a game changer: Advanced solution for any
area of interest

Risk Sensing is tailored to meet the needs you have. By providing real-time, actionable insights, we empower you to have a data-driven AI solution that anticipates on any area you are interested in. Refer to the use cases for more details on the different areas that can be monitored. 

Confidence in every decision: Trusted data, trusted advice

At Deloitte, we understand the importance of precision and reliability. Advanced Risk Sensing brings analytics into your daily operations with the use of trusted data. Our AI algorithm is used to train and identify your Company, so only relevant documents are identified. In addition, AI driven areas are trained using our algorithm to cut down noise to the minimum. 

Experience Advanced Risk Sensing for your organization: Empower your business with a data driven AI solution

A data driven AI solution which gathers relevant documents in near real time all over the world in many languages and specifically focused at your company. Explore the potential of partnering with us to gain insights that help your business.

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Risk Sensing – analyze the world’s data to better anticipate emerging events

Organizations are affected by global events due to increased interconnectedness, where single incidents can lead to significant impacts. Gaining a competitive edge involves early event detection and preparedness. By merging advanced technology with top expertise, we provide actionable intelligence for effective response.

Use Case: Revolutionizing Audit with Risk Sensing

Setting New Standards in Auditing

Integrating Advanced Risk Sensing into our audit practices has fundamentally enhanced our ability to conduct thorough and efficient audits. This tool enables our auditors to quickly identify discrepancies and provide insights into topics like claims & litigations, fraud and cyber risks.

Overall, it improves quality, saves time, and adds an AI-powered tool to your engagement. By choosing Deloitte, our clients gain access to industry-leading technology coupled with our deep expertise in audit and assurance. Our proactive approach not only identifies current discrepancies but also anticipates potential challenges, ensuring that our clients remain ahead in a rapidly evolving environment.

Enhancing ESG strategies with intelligent insights: Sustainable practices
backed by robust data

Risk Sensing aids our consultants in advising on ESG initiatives by providing a deep understanding of related risks and opportunities and uses topics from the EU CSRD and the EU Taxonomy. This supports our clients in implementing practices that are not only compliant but also forward-looking. 

By partnering with Deloitte, clients benefit from actionable insights derived from advanced analytics, tailored to foster resilient and forward-thinking ESG practices. Our approach positions clients as sustainability leaders, ready to meet evolving standards and stakeholder expectations with confidence and strategic foresight.

Leveraging advanced analytics for strategic Audit Advisory: Guiding Advisory with data-driven insight 

Incorporating Advanced Analytics into our advisory services transforms the traditional approach, allowing Deloitte to offer strategic, data-driven insights that directly impact client decision-making. As a result, we can advise our clients with greater precision, helping them to not only meet compliance requirements but also to enhance operational efficiency and strategic planning. This proactive stance ensures our clients are always ahead of the curve, maintaining robust audit standards in an ever-evolving


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