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BMC: The Festival 2019

Deloitte’s Best Managed Companies programme firmly believes that excellent leadership should be celebrated. To that end, we brought together the Netherlands’ best leaders at May 2019’s BMC: The Festival. Deloitte also presented three awards for Sustainability, Innovation & Technology and the Future of Work.

Since last year, 37 new organisations have been honoured with a Best Managed Company moniker. To celebrate, we invited their leaders to an evening in the woods near Baarn, the Netherlands, where they were greeted by special butlers, served savoury meals from food trucks and danced to the sounds of cover band The Tour.

Three special awards were given in the Sustainability, Innovation & Technology and the Future of Work categories. The BMC programme acknowledges the considerable value of these themes due to the pivotal role they will play in the coming years - despite the global pandemic that none of us could have predicted at the time. Now, leadership excellence is more important than ever before. 

Congratulations to all Best Managed Companies 2019

‘People prefer to work for a winner’

The Innovation & Technology Award went to Festo, a Delft-based company that develops process automation technology. With a heavy focus on new technology, Festo has its own training academy and works closely with TU Delft. Financial director René Kluft told the Dutch financial news channel RTL Z that he was proud to become a member of the programme and thought it would help Festo stand out in the labour market. “As an employer, we will certainly mention that we are a Best Managed Company. People prefer to work for a winner.” 

The Sustainability Award went to Houweling, a family-run business. The plastics producer has managed to build a fully circular production cycle without loss of quality, a feat recognised by the award. "Everyone is talking about keeping fossil fuels in the chain. We are very much ahead of that," Marc Houweling, the delighted director, told RTL Z. “You are completely screened, so becoming a Best Managed Company proves that you are actually doing well."

The Future of Work Award went to the Driessen Group, a group of companies that focuses on work satisfaction in the public sector. Director Jeroen Driessen told RTL Z that achieving work satisfaction is all about combining purpose with pleasure. “I studied personnel sciences myself,” he said. “Then you read all those thick books and wonder why so much text should be devoted to something so simple. If people feel better about themselves, they will perform better.”

Best Managed Companies 2020/2021

This year, Deloitte will organise its 12th Best Managed Companies programme. The programme focuses on privately-owned Tier 1 players with their headquarters in the Netherlands and a revenue of more than €50m. During the programme your strategy, governance and financials, capabilities and innovation, culture and commitment are evaluated and then compares to the performance to industry peers.

The programme focuses on your organisation’s areas for improvement. Together we’ll set out actionable next steps, based on best practices and of our experts’ input.

Are you a Best Managed Company? Read more about the application procedure and the programme here.

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