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How the BMC programme works

External experts conduct an extensive (and free of charge) company-wide analysis

The Best Managed Companies programme aims to find the best managed, privately owned companies in the Netherlands. The programme evaluates your company’s management capabilities and practices and recognises overall business performance and growth. This is how the programme works.

Phase 1 - Application and Quickscan

On September 1st the application phase for the 2020/2021 programme opened. During this first phase we verify eligibility by means of a Quickscan. It should only take about 15 minutes to complete this online form with the information on-hand. 

The BMC 2020/2021 programme application period is now closed.

We have updated the programme design, so we can guarantee a better quality output. This redesign resulted in a more intensive programme with a limited capacity of participants. 

All submissions are confidential, and the program is compliant with Deloitte’s privacy and confidentially policies.

Best Managed Companies

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Phase 2 - Questionnaire, evaluation and lab session

After the Quickscan is evaluated and your participation is approved, you’ll be invited for the second phase. In this phase, the management representatives, employees and the supervisory board (if applicable) complete questionnaires to give us insight into all levels of your organisation. Filling out the online form takes approximately 60 minutes per person.

Based on the given answers, our experienced professionals evaluate your company’s strategy, governance and financials, capabilities and innovation, and culture and commitment. They also compare your performance to industry peers. In lab sessions, which take place between January and March, we’ll go through your results and tweak the weak spots. Together we’ll set out actionable next steps, based on best practices and of our experts’ input on the specific topics relevant for your organisation.

Phase 3 - Events, awards and networking

In May, you are invited to our BMC festival, where you can meet leaders of other Best Managed Companies. A jury of corporate leaders presents awards to BMC companies that truly shine in areas such as sustainability and adaptability.

And even when the festivities are over, you will remain part of our global BMC community of over 2,500 best managed companies. You are encouraged to participate in national and global meetings on a diverse range of topics.

Who can apply?

You can apply if your company ticks a few boxes:

  • Your headquarters or company’s delegated management is located in the Netherlands.
  • Your yearly revenue exceeds €50m.
  • You are a Tier 1 player in your (niche-) segment.

Are you interested and do you meet all criteria? Apply via the button on the right! Please note that due to the limited capacity, your application does not guarantee participation in the programme. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via the contact details below. Or take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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