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Frequently Asked Questions  

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1. What is the Best Managed Companies programme?

The Best Managed Companies programme is a deep dive into the company’s strategic and operational management by using different perspectives: your management, employees and supervisory board, Deloitte experts, and other Tier 1 players. It is a great way to recognise overall business performance and growth as well as advice on how to improve weak spots. Besides that, the programme also offers a network of peers and is closed off by an amazing event.

2. How does a company apply to be one of the Netherlands’ Best Managed Companies?

To be considers a Best Managed Company, you have to meet our criteria and go through the two-phase application process. 

Phase 1
If you are interested and meet the criteria, you can apply by filling in the form on the registration page (registration is closed for BMC 2020). Once you are registered, you will receive the invite to fill in the Quickscan; phase 1 of the programme. The Quickscan verifies eligibility and should only take approx. 10-15 minutes to complete the online form with the information on-hand.

Phase 2
If your participation is approved after evaluating the Quickscan, you’ll be invited for the second phase of the programme.  In this phase we gather insights into all levels of your organisation, by means of questionnaires and a lab session. The result of this deep dive is a report setting out actionable next steps. Read more on the exact programme in this article

Phase 3
The programme will be closed off by a spectacular award event, celebrating the Dutch business excellence.  

3. What are the application criteria?

The criteria we use for the programme are:

  • Your headquarters or company’s delegated management is located in the Netherlands 
  • Your yearly revenue exceeds €50m
  • You are a Tier 1 player in your (niche-) segment

4. What makes Best Managed Companies distinctive and different from other programmes?

The Best Managed Companies is a programme that focusses on the entire company, not on the individual. Different perspectives from within the company are used to create deep insights: your management, employees and supervisory board. The gathered information will be further analysed during an interactive session (lab) with participants of your company, and transformed into actionable next steps.

5. Are there any costs attached to applying for the Best Managed Companies programme?

No, all we ask for is a little of your time.

6. When does the application period close?

The BMC 2020/2021 programme application period runs from September 1st until October 30th, 2020.

7. What is the privacy policy that relates to handling of company information?

All submissions are confidential and the program is compliant with Deloitte's strict privacy and confidentiality policies.

8. About the awards ceremony

We welcome the participants of Best Managed Companies Netherlands to join us at our BMC Festival awards ceremony where we celebrate the achievements of all the companies. During the event a jury of corporate leaders, presents excellence awards to BMC companies that really stand out in one of the fundamental pillars, such as culture and commitment. 

9. About the global programme

The Deloitte’s Best Managed Companies is currently active in more than 20 countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. The programme commenced in Canada more than 25 years ago and the most recent launches include the US, China, Australia and programs in Southeast Asia. The Netherlands is one of the original four countries, hosting the BMC since 2008. 

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