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Three questions to the programme leads of Deloitte’s Best Managed Companies programme

'Outstanding leadership, an innovative mindset and adaptive power will help you through these exceptional times'

Best Managed Companies (BMC) have a forward-looking approach and exceptional leadership. But even if you’re a Tier 1 player in your market, there’s always room for improvement. Alexander Olgers and Coen van den Mosselaar cordially invite you to Deloitte’s Best Managed Companies programme.

Why should organisations participate in Deloitte’s Best Managed Companies programme?

Alexander: "We focus on organisations that are Tier 1 players in their market. Being that good is quite an achievement, but by no means a reason to be complacent. You are only capable of strengthening your position if you know exactly which factors helped get you there and which may have hampered more rapid development. In the BMC programme, we find out what these factors are: we offer a rigorous process to evaluate your company’s management abilities and practices, recognising overall business performance and growth."

Coen: "The program is based on current best practices from best managed companies, which continually change. This means that as a member of the programme, you’re continuously challenged. Based on questionnaires, we evaluate your strategy, governance and financials, capabilities and innovation, and culture and commitment. We compare the vision of the management team with the vision of employees, and we also compare your outcome to other organisations. You get access to an international network of over 2,500 of the best-run companies in addition to invitations to peer networking events where you can share ideas with other Tier 1 organisations in the same industry. I actually cannot think of a reason not to participate. All it takes is a little bit of your time…" 

Alexander: "…but the benefits may just last for decades." 

How do Best Managed Companies distinguish themselves from other companies during the current crisis?

Alexander: "The Covid-19 crisis has accelerated digital transformation and made great demands on the adaptability of every organisation. Outstanding leadership, an innovative mindset and adaptive power will help you through these exceptional times. Bold play is what we see at our Tier 1 clients."  

Coen: "I agree. Best Managed Companies have a forward-looking approach. Before the crisis, for example, most were already adapting to a new future of work and mobility. Best Managed Companies were also able to respond quickly when the crisis hit. Another important factor is that private companies, in particular family-owned businesses, aiming to pass on a future-proof company are more and more purpose-led. Well-aware of future uncertainties, these companies focus on strong fundamentals. Sustainability, good governance and environmental responsibility are important topics for those organisations, and that pays out." 

Why did you actually become programme leader and programme manager?

Alexander: "I’ve always been a big fan of the BMC programme. In the past few years, I was involved as a BMC company coach, and what I liked most was that I could challenge excellently performing companies to perform even better. I remember one participant that had little success in its pan-European ambitions. In the programme, we helped it to strengthen its strategic weak spots and challenged it to make a bold move. The company doubled both its size and earnings and is now the undisputed market leader in Europe." 

Coen: "As an auditor, I know how to dive deep into companies. What I like about the BMC programme is that we look forward. We help participants to improve their weak spots and their strengths. I also like how we challenge our programme members based on continuously changing best practices at other Tier 1 companies. This makes Best Managed Companies even more future-proof than they already are."

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