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Experts share their insights on how to get and keep a company future-proof

On Thursday October 29th, RTL Z and Deloitte organised an online seminar on leadership in dynamic times, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic.

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This online seminar is part of our media partnership with RTL Z in the run-up to the start of our Best Managed Companies 2020 programme. Experts share their insights and examples on the following two topics:

  • Strategy: What are best managed companies doing differently? How do you prioritize strategic decisions? How flexible and adaptive is your company? What changes could and should you make in these dynamic times? How do you implement strategic processes and stay relevant in a changing environment?
  • Future of Work: How will our work change over time? How do you keep employees motivated, healthy and engaged? How do you ensure the right future-proof skills and capabilities? What leadership skills are important in the future of work?

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The experts

During the online seminar a few experts share their insights:
- Vincent Oomes, Partner strategy Deloitte
- Heike Dekker, Business Leader Workforce Transformation Deloitte
- Kim Spinder, innovation-expert

The seminar will be hosted by Frederique Dormaar from RTLZ.


Are you interested in seeing this online seminar? Note: the online seminar is in Dutch only.

Pease take a look via the RTLZ website:

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