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Why you should participate?

Who wouldn't want to be a Best Managed Company?

Still doubting? Here are three more reasons why your company should participate.

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1. Deep insights

We’ll take a deep dive into your most important value drivers. Your performance will be compared to the best practices of industry peers, and we’ll supercharge those value drivers that need extra energy. We’ll compare the views of the management, the supervisory board (if applicable) and the people in your organisation who filled out the questionnaires. Are there any discrepancies, and what do they mean? 

2. A reputational boost and great media exposure

Being a Best Managed Company will give you a fantastic reputation boost and great media attention that radiates to clients, customers, and (potential) employees - now and in the future.

3. A network of peers

You get the possibility to gather knowledge on current topics, get access to our international Best Managed Companies community, and you'll be invited to our events where you can meet other BMC leaders and discuss topics such as the Future of Work and the Future of Mobility.  

Read more about the programme in this article: How the Best Managed Companies works

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us via the contact details below. Or take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page

Best Managed Companies

Read more about the programme in our brochure.

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