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We are always in conversation with the Netherlands' leading CFOs about challenges that keep them up at night.

On this page, we share written and recorded report outs of some of the talks we have.

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CFO Philips

Abhijit Bhattacharya

Abhijit Bhattacharya, CFO of Philips, discusses generative AI and Philips' sustainability agenda.


Frans den Houter

Frans den Houter, CFO of BAM, emphasizes the value of networks and CFOs maintaining strong connections with each other.

CFO Ahold-Delhaize

Hadewych Vermunt

Hadewych Vermunt, CFO of Ahold-Delhaize Belgium, discusses the challenge of preserving traditional practices while embracing new opportunities.

Mgmt. Scope

Finance and AI Make a Great Combination

CFOs are enthusiastic about AI opportunities, yet are searching for practical applications. Findings from the latest CFO Survey reveal that AI is already equipped to assist with the reporting obligations outlined in the CSRD.

Mgmt. Scope

From Changemaker CFO to Chief Value Officer

It falls upon the CFO to redirect the company's course; from CSRD reporting obligations and monitoring economic and geopolitical uncertainties to exploring sustainability and technology opportunities.

CFO Louwman

William Bontes

William shares his insights on economic challenges, cybersecurity, AI utilization, and CSRD obligations.

CFO SBM Offshore

Douglas Wood

Douglas shares his insights on economic challenges, supply chain, finding talent, AI utilization, and geopolitics.

CFO Nutreco

Pieter van Holten

Pieter shares his insights on geopolitics, sustainability, skill availability, and data.

CFO a.s.r.

Ewout Hollegien

Ewout shares his insights on the geopolitical climate, agility and dynamics, sustainability and CSRD obligations.

Partner Private Sector

Iris Yates

Iris shares insights on the role of AI, geopolitical situations and CSRD in finance.

Partner Financial Services

Hassan Bettani

Hasssan shares insights on talent capabilities and geopolitical risks in FSI.

Partner Consumer

Yvonne Daas

Yvonne shares her insights on CSRD, AI and strategies in the consumer industry during uncertain times.

CFO Deloitte

Rianne Jans

Rianne discusses the increasing relevance of the word of non-financial and the importance of learning about new challenges.

CFO Program Lead

Mohamed Bouker

Mohamed shares key insights in the CFO webinar dedicated to the outcomes of the CFO Survey Autumn 2023.

CFO Coredux

Lodewijk Lockefeer

Lodewijk speaks about the responsibility of the CFO to support limited resources through resource allocation and adding value.

AI Specialist

Naser Bakhshi

Naser discusses quality of data, safety and security, and experimenting with Generative AI, as this will transform business and the future.

CFO VodafoneZiggo

Ritchy Drost

Ritchy shares his insights on economic challenges, talent, AI and sustainability in an evolving financial landscape.

CFO TotalEnergies-Corbion

Chiel Rietvelt

Chiel discusses growth strategy, supply chain efficiency and challenges in the current economic climate.

Professor Erasmus University

Bert de Groot

Bert dives deep into economic challenges, inflation, interest rates and margins and recommends CFOs to bring topics to the boardroom.

Partner Consulting – Business Finance

Jur van Ingen

Jur shares his views on ERP implementation, digital maturity, the labor market and the role of CFOs during uncertain times.

Partner Risk Advisory – Sustainability

Vanessa Otto-Mentz

Vanessa discusses the role of AI and incorporating sustainability as a long-term strategy.

Partner Consulting – Financial Services

Hayat Douich

Hayat shares insights on banking, sustainability and the role of digital transformation.

CFO Teijin Aramid

Isabelle Damen

Isabelle is looking at the long term, by collaborating to make a difference on sustainability


Pim Berendsen

Pim his tip for other CFO's is to look beyond the reporting stuff that needs to be done.


Chris Figee

In Chris his view, the biggest challenge regarding sustainability is to continue the journey, staying resilient and don't give up.

VP Finance Coca-Cola European Partners

Frits van Zijdervelt

Frits his tip would be to get on the topic as quickly as possible and then determine whether it is important for you. Yes or no.


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