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We are committed to increasing diversity in boardrooms. The Executive Women Program offers top-level female (non-) executives of the private and public sector an unique opportunity to network with peers, explore challenging issues, and share leading practices.



Women in the Boardroom

Deloitte Global in collaboration with The 30% Club released the seventh edition of 'Women in the boardroom: A global perspective'. The latest edition of the report finds that women hold just 19.7% of board seats globally, a 2.8% increase compared to 2018. The Netherlands shows a percentage of 28.6% female board members compared to 23% in 2018. An increase is this number is expected in the upcoming years as a result of a newly introduced gender diversity bill.


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Blijf elkaar inspireren, want je loopt altijd tegen nieuwe dilemma's aan

Hans Honig en Petra Tito zijn in gesprek gegaan met SER Topvrouwen over het thema van dit jaar: Celebrate Diversity, Embrace Inclusion.

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