Isabelle Damen

CFO, Teijin Aramid

Isabelle Damen, CFO of Teijin Aramid, is looking at the long term and they're collaborating on partnerships in how they can make a difference on sustainability. Below you can view the entire interview.

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What is your view on sustainability?
We’ve got a clear focus on sustainability. We really look at the long term and we’re really collaborating in partnerships to amplify the difference we can make in sustainability. And not only focusing on one item, circularity, but also looking at greening our energy consumption and all the other aspects of sustainability.

How do you make sustainability part of your culture?
Most young people in our company really love to work on sustainability. We talk a lot about it as a leadership team and I think that’s key to keep people talking about sustainability and also setting the example. By making sure it’s embedded in the company, so also having ‘green cups’.

What is your tip for other CFOs?
It’s important to really expand your partnerships because you can't do it by yourself, this is an industry-wide issue. We’re quite small in the chemical industry and we really have to collaborate. You can't do it alone.

Do you have an interesting story to tell as well?!

Isabelle Damen CFO Teijin Aramid

CFO Teijin Aramid

Isabelle Damen (*1974) has been CFO of Teijin Aramid since August 2020. She began her career at Air Products in 2001. In 2008, she joined ESPA Group as International Controller and in 2010, Isabelle joined Thales as Finance Director Surface Radar. She joined Sensata Technologies in 2015, where she became Finance Director Global Powertrain in 2019.