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During the CFO dinner we spoke to Pim Berendsen, CFO of PostNL. His tip for other CFO's is to look beyond the reporting stuff that needs to be done. You can have an even bigger impact to drive your business to create an environment where you can co-create with others. He believes a CFO can contribute as much as a CEO in that area. Want to see the entire interview? Please see below.

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What is your view on sustainability?
The first thing could you think about as CFO is to just make it a part of integrated reporting, which is a part of integrated performance management. And that is actually what we've done. So we've aligned our financial processes. We've integrated it into our business performance review, hence, our budget cycles, our strategic planning sessions. But I think you can contribute even more. You're part of the board of a company, and can navigate, you can steer the company in a way that you think also meets those sustainability targets. And that is a role that you can also take as CFO. So just don't stop just at looking at integrated reporting but take true responsibility to co-create with others, solutions that you cannot come up with yourself, which can have a positive impact on your ESG objectives.

What are the biggest challenges?
For me, we need to look beyond the reporting and compliance requirements and really look at things that actually make an impact instead. And I think we might face a struggle if all of us, companies and individuals alike, start seeking ways to find solutions. I think a major area where we can make headway is collaboration, joining efforts and start working on some of the more complex solutions and innovate and change our business models together. This will accelerate our impact and have a positive effect on those ESG objectives. And I think we should not be too competitive when it comes to ESG targets but actually make a joint contribution. In my opinion this is where we have much to gain.

What is your tip for other CFOs?
Look beyond the reporting stuff that needs to be done. You can make an even bigger impact on driving your business forward if you create an environment in which you can co-create with others. And I believe this is an area where a CFO can contribute just as much as a CEO.

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Pim Berendsen


Pim Berendsen (*1973) has been CFO of PostNL since 2018. He began his career in 2006, as Finance Director at Euro Mail. In 2007, he joined TNT Post as FD of Cendris. Pim Berendsen joined Van Gansewinkel in 2013, as Director Corporate Development and he joined PostNL as Director International & Growth in 2015. In addition to his position as CFO of PostNL, Pim is also currently a Member of the Supervisory Board of Majorel and the Chairman of the Board of the Johan Cruyff Foundation.