Yvonne Daas

Partner Consumer

In this interview, Yvonne Daas, Partner Consumer at Deloitte, discusses strategies in the consumer industry during uncertain times and she shares insights on CSRD and AI.

"In the Consumer Industry, CFO optimism is nuanced, balancing caution, which stems from geopolitical tensions impacting supply chains, and inflation. We see organizations responding by applying cost management strategies to maintain profit resiliency. Moreover, while they are attempting to improve their agility, companies are also bracing for the impact of impending regulatory changes--including CSRD, Pillar 2, and EU deforestation rules—forcing CFOs to steer through an evolving and challenging landscape."

"Gen AI has become a tool to accelerate and improve strategic decision-making in finance. CFOs do not need to delve into the technical details of Large Language Models (LLMs) but should grasp the breadth of the technology's capabilities. Their focus should be on fostering innovation while upholding robust risk management. This strategic balance is crucial for leveraging Gen AI's potential to streamline operations and drive efficiencies, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness of financial functions and other parts of the organization."

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