Leading Women on Boards

Do you want to contribute to new female leadership in boardrooms? Within Deloitte, we lead female professionals by empowering and advancing on their leadership and board journey. Join the Leading Women on Boards Program and connect with other female leaders at our events, development program, and online content. With these ingredients we will ensure you to build a lifelong valuable network.

The Three Pillars of the Leading Women on Boards Program

Within the program we strongly build on the following three pillars:


Who are you as a leader? How do you go about strategic change? To answer these questions, we will discuss topics such as corporate governance and the dynamics in the boardroom. In addition, we will dive into leadership and behavior.

Professional speakers will give you insights into the basics of corporate governance and share personal experience of the dynamics in the boardroom.


How do you deal with headhunters? What is the importance of due diligence when accepting a role as a director, board member or member of a supervisory board?

During our program, you will work on your personal branding and other indispensable soft skills to answer these questions. Lobbying, personal styling, positioning, and building your network are all part of the program.


Leading Women on Boards is a unique program where you will build strong mutual ties in an intimate setting and at unique locations in the Netherlands. You will meet your other female leaders at our events, in our development program or online. The ties that you will build shall endure a lifetime and will help you to be successful as a female leader.

Connect and engage with other female leaders year-round

We offer the following events to enter the Leading Women on Boards Program. For more information, see the text below.


Do you have the ambition to take a seat on an executive -or supervisory board within the next three years or have you recently been appointed as a board member? Empower your impact in the boardroom and join Women on Boards.


Continue your board journey with delegates of our Women on Boards courses and connect with other Women on Boards Alumnae. Year round we exclusively invite our alumnae to join various events to learn, share knowledge and network, in order to stay connected with their own group and to meet the other alumnae women to learn from each other, but more importantly to support each other’s boardroom journey.


Executive Dialogues are moderated dialogue sessions which provide participants with an open and safe peer-learning environment to share experiences about leading transformations. A place where CxOs can take the time to be vulnerable, asking real questions and don’t need to keep up appearances or have quick and firm executive answers.

Articles Regarding Female Leadership

Maartje Laterveer is Program Manager of the Leading Women on Boards course. She is also a journalist for Dutch newspapers NRC and de Volkskrant, specialized in the topic of gender diversity and leadership. She has written books on gender and identity, and has contributed to the scientific volume ‘Diversiteit, een multidisciplinaire terreinverkenning’ in the Serie Vanwege Het Van der Heijden Instituut, edited by prof. mr. C.D.J. Bulten.

In addition, she is a certified Brain Based Coach, trained at the Neuroleadership Institute, and a certified Fearless Organization Practitioner, helping teams fostering psychological safety. She is also certified as an EQi-assessor, meaning she can assess emotional intelligence and coach people on that. Maartje will serve as an inspiration for the Leading Women on Boards program by publishing her own written articles.

Maartje Laterveer

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