Supervisory Board Program

Deloitte's platform for Non-Executive Directors

Being a Non-Executive Director, you are a supervisor, advisor, as well as employer. How do you combine these roles, and how do you take your organization to the next level? The Supervisory Board Program provides guidance with determining your strategy.



Global Boardroom Webinar

Learn more about the Global Boardroom Webinar schedule, and follow discussions that are open to Board members and Senior Executives. These webinars help management to stay current and challenge perceived wisdom.


Lessons in Cyber Security for Supervisory Boards

Audit & Risk Committee members tuned in to a round table about the non-executive director’s role in monitoring cyber risk in their organisation’s supply chain – and asking the right questions about cyber resilience.

CFO Insights

What Audit Committees really want from CFOs

In this edition of CFO Insights, we’ll provide CFOs with general answers to that seminal question: What do audit committees really want?


How Boards are Nurturing and Measuring Stakeholder Trust

A new Deloitte Global Boardroom Program survey of board members and senior executives on building trust in their organizations reveals shifting priorities over the next three years.


The Audit Committee Frontier: Addressing Climate Change

This report answers the question: What are leading practices for Audit Committees with respect to climate? The survey finds audit committees around the world are unprepared for climate change.



Introducing Deloitte's NL Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board is charged with supervising the policies pursued by the Executive Board and the general conduct of business of Coöperatief Deloitte U.A., Deloitte Holding B.V. and its group companies.


Supporting Boardroom Diversity

This article discusses where we stand today globally with boardroom diversity and how leading organizations can build and nurture a supportive environment for a more diverse boardroom.

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