The Deloitte CFO Survey Spring 2022


The Deloitte CFO Survey Spring 2022

A damper on economic recovery

The Dutch CFO Program helps CFOs stay ahead in an increasingly complex business environment. Among other initiatives, we do this by giving voice to Chief Financial Officers based in the Netherlands. We are pleased to present you the spring 2022 edition of the Deloitte CFO Survey.

Our bi-annual CFO survey collects input from over 1300 Chief Financial Officers across Europe. This report provides an overview of the Netherlands-based CFOs’ financial outlook, as well as their views on critical business risks, inflation, strategic priorities and other factors they currently consider to be vital to success. Finally, it contains a section on supply chain and measures taken to curb issues that have arisen in this area over the past year.

By tapping into the CFOs’ privileged viewpoint, this report provides reliable insights into how Dutch companies view the current economic climate, as well as strategies they are considering. As the direct impact from the pandemic faded, CFOs were looking towards a brighter 2022 than the preceding two years. However, the results show that new concerns regarding the current geopolitical situation, inflationary pressure and supply chain issues are influencing CFO sentiment across the board. A notable finding is that CFOs expect supply chain issues to persist until at least the second half of 2023. Particularly shipping costs and intermediate goods form bottlenecks for CFOs and their companies’ operations. Most CFOs highlight an increased focus on growth in existing markets over expansion into new markets. Overall, financial prospects are trending downward. However, compared to the EU average, Netherlands based CFOs are still relatively optimistic. Download the CFO Survey Spring 2022 to find out more. 

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