Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Program

The Deloitte Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Program is dedicated to the success of CEOs and the companies they lead. We offer innovative insight and immersive experiences to assist CEOs.

What does the CEO Program offer?

The CEO Program complements the ultimate leadership role with insights, tools, experiences, national and international networks and learning opportunities, making it easier to deal with the daily challenges and the big transformations.

Amstel Dialogues

The success of our Amstel Dialogues is the combination of inspiring CEO peers, a topic that is ‘transformational’ and a safe setting with authentic dialogue."

Wassili Bertoen, founder Amstel Dialogues and partner Deloitte


Executive dialogues are moderated dialogue sessions with a small group of CEO peers in an informal and inspiring setting about a specific transformational topic.

We as Deloitte try - together with one co-hosting CEO - to provide an experience where executives can discuss (from a cross-industry perspective) common challenges and dilemmas.

Amstel Dialogues provide participants since 2017 an open and safe peer-learning environment to share experiences about leading transformations. A place where CEOs can take the time to be vulnerable, asking real questions and don’t need to keep up appearances or have quick and firm executive answers.


Elements of a successful Executive Dialogue

  • Transformational
  • Cross-Industry
  • Co-Creation
  • Dialogue
  • Purpose
  • Safe Environment
  • Co-host
  • Peers only
  • Sparring partners

Executive Edge Sessions


Some would argue that complex transformations due to recent and past economic, geopolitical and major societal shifts cannot go fast enough. And yet, implementing change can take years in practice, decades even, for some industries. How do you create an organisational culture where transformation is the continuous factor?

As a CEO, how do you deal with these dilemmas and how do you turn these ‘external factors’ into opportunities to accelerate transformation, while dealing with litigation risks and shareholder pressure at the same time? We trust that dialogues will help you in your CEO role in today’s fast-changing world.

Net Positive Initiative


In 2021 Deloitte has started our journey towards a net positive food system. We aim to drive collaboration across the food value chain and create scalable high impact interventions. We do that by orchestrating smart coalitions of partners, creating insights through sustainability

analytics, and creating a platform for scaling solutions. Through a series of net-positive dinners with CEOs, experts, farmers, young talent, founders and creatives, we showcase the progress we made and align on where next.


Next Gen CEO Academy

Our Next Generation CEO Academy is a unique, often career-changing experience that helps prepare promising executives for a future CEO role.

Attendees are nominated by their organization's current CEO with the goal of developing leadership potential.

The Academy - which takes place at our Deloitte University in Brussels - provides a highly experiential curriculum and unparalleled networking opportunities.

Nomination goes by invitation only. Contact us for more information!

CEO Transition Lab

We have created a powerful CFO Transition Lab experience, where we help newly appointed CEOs - including those with prior CEO experiences - to make efficient and effective transitions. It is a one-day experience based on our extensive research on CEO transitions, where the outcome is a plan for the next year.

Labs are facilitated by invitation only.

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