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Digital Innovation made simple and tangible

From post it to prototype in just one day. A glance at Deloitte’s DevZoo during the IoTSWC 2019 in Barcelona

Deloitte has launched the Digital Innovation program in collaboration with AWS. Using the IoT Solution World Congress in Barcelona as a center stage, we showcased how we help can help customers from different industries, move from a concept to a prototype in a single day.

The fast and the curious

Market shifts and technology progress often outpace the ability of businesses to adapt to these changes. Speed and flexibility become key drivers to deliver success both on the short and long term. Yet, successful Innovation isn’t just driven by necessities brought by changes occurring in the market. Understanding technology and market fits become key aspects in a successful journey to ensure innovative ideas truly can make a valuable impact for business and remain sustainable in the long term.

By using Deloitte’s rapid prototyping capabilities and AWS’ working backwards methodology, we want to provide customers with the right tools to rapidly iterate, test assumptions, scale and deploy successfully.

Digital Innovation live in Barcelona

During the 2019 IoTSWC in Barcelona, Deloitte brought Digital Innovation to life by deploying an interactive session across the 3 days with 3 different challenges to launch from scratch in the course of the 8-hour day. Conference dwellers and customers joined the ideation session in the morning and witnessed our Developer Zoo (DevZoo) bring the idea to life in the space of an afternoon.

Our DevZoo also enabled us to rethink the exhibition space by truly building the experience around the visitor with a hands demonstration which witnessed a high level of engagement. 

Deloitte IoT Solutions World Congress 2019

More information

For more information about the Digital Innovation program or IoT, please contact Helena Lisachuk or Roy Halstead via the contact details below.

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