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TFI Recapping AWS re:Invent 2019 

Think Forward Initiative: financially empowering 100 million Europeans

With exclusive sponsorship of the financial services track and popular demo booths – Deloitte’s presence at AWS re:Invent 2019 was hard to miss. During the event, Deloitte was proud to join ING and AWS on stage to explain how the Think Forward Initiative is solving the problem of people being in financial stress by empowering 100 million Europeans to make better financial decisions.

re:Invent - the AWS event of the year

With over 65,000 attendees in person and millions more online, AWS re:Invent is Amazon Web Services prime event of the year. The global AWS conference was held the 2nd to 6th of December in Las Vegas. The event goes across all industries and showcases the newest, best and biggest in technology and cloud innovation. Deloitte were well represented at the event including key presentations showcasing world-class innovation being led by Dutch organizations. 

Dutch presence was strong

Deloitte Netherlands was proud to present three sessions during the week based on the successful and impactful work done over the course of 2019. The three sessions drew hundreds of attendees and included showcasing two innovative client stories from Dutch banks – Rabobank and ING. 

The Think Forward Initiative

Joep Arends, Consulting Director, was joined by Dagmar van der Plas, ING Think Forward Initiative lead & Adam Simpson from AWS on stage to share the story of the Think Forward Initiative. Currently 42% of Europeans face financial difficulties. As lead partners of the Think Forward Initiative (TFI), Deloitte, AWS, and ING are empowering 100 million Europeans to make better financial decisions by translating the latest consumer behavior insights into easy applicable tools. The session showcases how TFI supports early stage scale-ups by using Amazon S3, Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda, Amazon Aurora, AWS CloudFormation, AWS Cloud9, Amazon Textract, and Amazon Personalize in an accelerator program. The session also explains the AWS Well-Architected Review and AWS Activate programs.

Results are impressive. The scale-ups show significant additional growth, up to 400% and the TFI has already impacted 20 million people!

Watch the session here

Key take-aways from the AWS Keynotes

There were some exciting announcements (& music) during this year's AWS keynotes. Some highlights were:

  • AWS EC2 - nine new Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) innovations e. new Arm-based instances (M6g, C6g, R6g)
  • AWS Quantum - these are AWS’s quantum computing services including the bracket managed service, research lab, and application office
  • AWS Nitro Enclaves-  this provides further isolation of hardware components e.g. the processor
  • AWS Wavelength - enables developers to build end user applications that use 5G
  • AWS Fargate for EKS - easily deploy, manage and scale Kubernetes running serverless on AWS
  • AWS Outposts - the AWS outposts are now available

Listen along to the Deloitte re:Invent recap podcast here: Recap of re:Invent keynotes and announcements

What else was going on during re:Invent?

The Deloitte demo booth was busy all week in the Sands Expo Hall. The Deloitte Netherlands team led demo sessions and AWS partner network booth events throughout the week to share our experiences in cloud led transformations. There was plenty of Deloitte SWAG on offer and visitors were kept busy shooting hoops at the Deloitte basketball game. 

The Deloitte team were also busy joining cutting edge training events on the latest and greatest AWS solutions. This included participating in hands on labs e.g. networking and containerizing and participating in various workshops learning about the new AWS technologies and how to apply them at scale. 

AWS + AWS amplified value

Deloitte and AWS bring a holistic approach to our clients' business transformations. Before we design and orchestrate innovative solutions that leverage AWS technologies, our first step is to understand what our clients are confronting along with the compliance, governance, data analytics, cyber risk, and regulatory issues that may be pertinent to not only meeting but exceeding expectations.

Building on key events like re:Invent, Deloitte are excited to continue our winning alliance with AWS. 

More information

For more information about the Think Forward Initiative or AWS re:Invent, please contact Peter van Loon or Joep Arends via the contact details below.

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