Zoom Out/Zoom in Strategy


Zoom Out/Zoom in Strategy

Redefining strategy in times that defies prediction​

The Zoom Out/Zoom In approach identifies that strategic decisions to take today, in order to achieve the long term vision​.

The Approach

The “Zoom Out, Zoom In” approach starts with developing a shared view of the 10-20 years future and your company’s role in that future. It then works back to the implications for action in the present with a lens on which initiatives will have the greatest impact and create the most economic value over time.  ​

This holistic approach helps to future-proof the business and is meant to inform strategic planning. Done on a yearly basis, it can keep the business aligned in the same direction and adapt to shifting business, technology, and customer forces.

Four distinctive phases are designed to build alignment between company’s long term direction and short-term initiatives to accelerate movement

1. Envision the future

2. Focus on what will be required for success​​

3. Define high-impact initiatives

4. Mobilize resources to take action



During the four distinctive phases, we identify: 

  • Shared future view, and company’s challenges & key drives
  • Company’s 10-20 year vision and role captures in the narrative
  • Initiatives in line with strategy and company’s narrative
  • Action plan with clear milestones and measures


If you would like to know more about Zoom Out/Zoom In, reach out to us at c4e@deloitte.nl or to Wassili Bertoen at +31621272293 .



Wassili Bertoen

Wassili Bertoen


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Bastiaan Walenkamp


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