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This year’s report highlights the increased evidence of the benefits of automation, near-universal adoption of robotics, strong executive support, continuing recognition of a number of common challenges and further evidence of difficulties in achieving scale.

2018 Global Robotics Report

For the purpose of this report, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), often referred to as ‘robotics’ or ‘robots’, is defined as the automation of rules-based processes with software that utilises the user interface and which can run on any software, including web-based applications, ERP systems and mainframe systems.

Cognitive automation is the use of cognitive or artificial intelligence technologies such as natural-language processing and machine learning to enable more complex automation, typically based on the laws of probabilities.

Digital workforce is used to describe the ‘robots’ – the automated solutions that are delivering processes within an organisation. In most cases, the digital workforce will be either working in the background on virtual machines or accessed by consumers and co-workers through a command-based interface.

2018 Global Robotics Report

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