Continuous Improvement Services


Continuous Improvement Services

Using already available data to achieve continuous improvement

CIS offers a practical and easy to implement solution aimed at 100% data control. It analyses the available data within your organization, performs smart controls which allow you to identify and mitigate risks in your processes and thus achieve continuous improvement in a phased and efficient fashion.

Your Challenge

You are constantly confronted with the possible risks of double invoices, wrong VAT coding, incomplete master data, non-compliant hiring procedures and many more value reducing and time consuming risks. Tackling these next to trying to efficiently and effectively executing the daily activities needed to keep your business running little time is left for innovation and new ideas.

What if you could structure your data in such a way that an effective method of risk identification can be created? What if you could mitigate risks every day by using your own data to search for patterns, identify your weaknesses and build-up your efficiency? The data needed to solve these issues, and many others, is already available within your company. Furthermore, this data will allow your company to enter a cycle of continuous improvement.

Our solution

Deloitte’s Continuous Improvement Services uses the already available company data to embed smart controls aimed at identifying risks before they induce serious damage to your organization. The identification of where these risk starts in the process allows for targeted process improvement. By allowing the smart controls to run daily, weekly and monthly continuous process improvement and improved compliance can be achieved.

Why Deloitte

Deloitte operates on the cutting edge of identifying and mitigating everyday business risks and increasing efficiency. Due to the myriad of expertise housed within Deloitte we are able to operate with a multi-disciplined team and thus create a setting for your business to operate and grow with confidence. The successful implementation of the CIS solution requires a team in which technology, controlling, human capital and your own experience and expertise come together.


Laudy Konings

Laudy Konings


"Laudy heeft een brede kennis en ervaring opgebouwd door vooral projecten bij gemeenten en provincies uit te voeren. Hij is ook bekend met rijksoverheidsorganisaties. Als projectleider is Laudy bekend... More

Sytze Smit

Sytze Smit

Senior Manager

Sytze Smit is a senior manager at Deloitte Consulting and leads the Operational Finance team within Finance & Performance. Sytze has over 10 years of experience in many finance, operations and transfo... More