Cyber Security


Tips & Tricks to be safer person online

Cyber Security

We leven in een digitale wereld, met alle kansen en bedreigingen van dien. Hoe bescherm je je tegen die bedreigingen en hoe moet je reageren als je toch gehackt bent? Deze vragen stonden centraal tijdens de halfjaarlijkse bijeenkomst Executive Breakfast – Ladies Only op 18 april in Amersfoort. Lees hier de "Tips & Tricks to be safer person online".


  1. Use Signal or better Threema for your brief communication.
  2. When reading the news on your favorite site, don’t only take in the sections nieuws binnenland, buitenland en sport or entertainment. Try the Technology section to read up on what’s happening in the world. Most newssites have them. 
  3. Look into your kids’ curriculum. See any coding or computerscience? If not, enroll m in a course at your local buurthuis and join in yourself.
  4. Next time you’re at a party: look for someone who makes a living in anything tech or internet related business. Hear them out. Let their business models and way of thinking inspire you.


  1. Update operating systems and applications regularly 
  2. Use an antivirus – There are free ones like Avast & AVG, etc.
  3. Use strong passwords, change them frequently, and use a password manager – Try Lastpass or Keepass, etc
  4. Use a VPN when possible and use 2 factor authentication when available – Try Freedome from Fsecure or others
  5. Make regular backups
  6. Use Encryption of your mail, voice, and message data.


  1. Recognize when you are transmitting sensitive data that you’re using proper encryption ‘het slotje’ -
  2. Understand how to recognize phishing scams-
  3. Check to see if you have been breached and set up an alert on your frequently used email addresses.


  1. Report to the police if you have been the victim of cybercrime
  2. If you think you’re infected with malware, install an antivirus product and run a scan of the complete system
  3. If you’re the victim of ransomware, check and see if they might have an unlock code for you.

Executive Ladies Breakfast: Cyber Security

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