Digital influence in retail


Digital influence in retail

Navigating the new digital divide

Navigating the new digital divide is a global summary of findings from nine countries on digital influence in retail. This study and report from Deloitte provides insight and analysis about the digital preferences of consumers worldwide, with a specific focus on how the use of today’s technology impacts in-store shopping behavior.

Victor Hoong - 25 february 2016

Digital behaviors and expectations

Digital behaviors and expectations of consumers are evolving faster than retailers are delivering on those expectations, a gap we refer to as the ‘new digital divide’. The findings in this report are based on extensive surveys of over 18,000 consumers across nine key global retail markets: Australia, Canada, China, Germany, India, Mexico, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Digital influence

The research suggests that there is already a gap between consumers’ digital behaviors and expectations, and retailers’ ability to deliver the desired experiences. For some retailers, this represents a threat, while others will recognize opportunities. The exploration on consumers’ digital preferences has led to conclude that digital technology and easy access to digital transformation not only affects sales within digital channels, but has a much broader impact on in-store sales and in-store consumer behavior. The concept we refer to as digital influence.

One digital “size” does not fit all

A single scalable digital solution to target consumers within a country or category does not exist. Retailers must customize their digital offerings and strategy to fit the broad range of needs from diverse customers. Even within the context of a specific market, digital behavior varies based on personal context. Who is the consumer? In what stage in the shopping process are they? What are they looking for to buy? In addition, categories matter, as consumers use digital tools differently based on product type.

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