next generation hotel experience


Next generation hotel guests

Hotel guests are changing their demands

The 21st century consumer is more demanding than ever. For hoteliers and other hospitality industry stakeholders, this means acknowledging how their customers are changing their needs and wants as well. Our newest report discusses how and why hoteliers should turbocharge their guest experience and tune into the customer's needs to drive loyalty and to increase repeat business.

Delivering authentic experiences

For anyone involved in hospitality, knowing and understanding your guest is the core to create an exceptional hotel guest experience.  

Even though the core of hospitality remains the same, how hoteliers learn, interpret and deliver on new needs and expectations, has changed drastically. Therefore, in order to adapt to new demands and to win and retain guest preference, hotels should be more thoughtful about how people and technology, powered by insights, weave together to deliver authentic experiences.

Just imagine how these technologies can improve guest experiences and enhance customization & personalization:

  • Automate repeatable processes, freeing teams to focus on guests
  • Provide predictive insights that change how we personalize engagement
  • Engage guests differently by leveraging a combination of humans and AI

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The changing guest experience

Providing relevant insights: Key experience factors

As part of the report, a survey has been conducted that examines guest satisfaction on key experience factors in a hotel stay. Not only did the survey confirm a series of well-acknowledged industry "truths", it also revealed some areas where guest expectation has evolved into new and unfamilair levels. 

Several of the new and unfamiliar areas are:

  1. Hotels can elevate guest satisfaction by knowing why guests travel and adjusting the experience accordingly. 
  2. Empowering guests to customize their experience is a growing trend, especially among luxury guests.
  3. Millennials have a desire to be surprised and delighted. 

The Five Needs

We highlight five guest needs and the attributes that correspond to them. Combined, the needs make up the foundation for how hotels can move beyond the basics and provide excellent guest experience. The five needs are presented below.

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