European Construction Monitor 2017-2018


European Construction Monitor 2017-2018

A looming new construction crisis?

In this seventh edition of the European Construction Monitor we look at the latest market developments, trends and mergers & acquisitions in the European construction industry. We look back and forward at the same time; how is the construction industry dealing with the remaining supply chain pressure? And how are they realizing their digital agenda?

European construction industry: significant trends

In this year's European Construction Outlook, we discuss the most noticeable trends in the European construction industry. A grasp of these trends and how they are affecting the industry is addressed here below: 

Changing M&A activity: for the first time since 2012, the percentage of cross-border transactions and diversification transactions dropped. This trend break indicates a renewed focus of European construction companies on local markets and their core business. 

Disruptive innovations: even though the construction industry is generally considered as a traditional industry in which innovation is limited, the use and developments of new technologies in the construction sector is finally growing. This trends seems to be about the same in most European construction markets - mainly conducted by larger construction companies. 

New construction industry parties: Innovation and digitalization in the construction industry are not only driven by traditional construction companies. Over the past few years a lot of companies specialized in innovative technologies and services have entered the construction industry. Some of these companies could become construction industry disruptors.

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European Construction Monitor 2017-2018 - NL Outlook

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Local construction market growth per country

In the European Construction Monitor we also provide an in-depth analysis on the short and medium term outlook for local construction markets. In the image below you can see a quick overview of how we perceive the growth per country.  

Market growth per country

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