Exploring the benefits of deploying the IoT in aviation


Exploring the benefits of deploying the IoT in aviation

Traveling at the speed of knowledge

Technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) are changing the game. With exponential technologies, such as IoT, the aviation industry is transforming the entire passenger experience. From arriving at the airport until landing at your destination. Find out how you can become part of the next frontier of air travel.

IoT, smart networks and more airline technology

In the aviation industry, the focus on costs rarely wavers and the pace is constantly demanding. However, the ability to network exponential technologies continues to offer a rich potential to improve productivity, derive additional utilization from assets, and lower costs. Airlines need more than another hard-won half a percentage point. They need a game-changer.

The IoT—networks of sensor-equipped, intelligent, exponential technologies that can gather data, interpret it, and take action—may be that game-changer. By streamlining repetitive processes and making people more efficient, IoT can help transform cost-saving from an incremental struggle to a wide-open frontier.

This is already starting to happen. Two-thirds of surveyed airline leaders believe IoT offers clear benefits right now, 86 percent expect identifiable benefits within three years, and 37 percent have begun to explore and implement IoT improvements as a way to confront rising costs. What these first movers are finding is that an investment in smart devices is only part of the puzzle. They must also plan carefully for the architecture that links data, decision, and action into a self-driving loop.

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The IoT information value loop

The information value loop goes from physical to informational and back to physical, and it’s ready to start around again. Now, information is a source of value and harnessing that information can help airlines become safer, more efficient, and reduce costs.

The IoT-enabeled passenger experience

The next frontier in the race for share of wallet is the Internet of Things (IoT)—networks of sensor-equipped, intelligent, exponential technologies that can gather data, interpret it, and take action. Actions that can increase revenue while simultaneously improving the overall passenger experience.

The IoT has the power to transform the curb-to-gate-to-destination experience and create valuable new revenue stream for airlines, but how? If the “old” internet was for pushing information out, and the modern internet permits personalized, two-way engagement, IoT steps beyond those modalities by equipping the airlines’—and their ecosystem partners'—operational assets to transition from sunk costs into drivers of incremental revenue.

IoT in aviation: Traveling at the speed of knowledge

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Iot Innovation: Store of the Future

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