The Future of freight


The Future of Freight

How new technology and new thinking can transform how goods are moved

Transportation and movements of goods is evolving. New technologies and market dynamics look poised to reshape every stage of a product's journey- especially the last mile.

Exploring emerging transportation concepts

Overarching trends such as digitization, changing customer expectations, new urban supply concepts, asset sharing, and alternative vehicles are likely to push the last mile of distribution into a new age of integration.

  • How will these evolving drivers influence all the different stakeholders in the mobility ecosystem? 
  • How can carriers not only adjust to these changing circumstances but profit from them? 
  • How will the new mobility ecosystem handle the whole trip, including the trickiest part of all: last-mile delivery?

Our report answers these questions and explores emerging transportation concepts that are applicable to both core companies and heavy users of transportation. It also provides a framework for thinking about how digitization and new asset models could challenge existing business models. Along the way, it offers critical guidance to help both industry incumbents and new entrants determine where to place bets in the future of mobility. For those whose livelihoods depend on moving goods, the landscape is challenging, but it may also be a fertile field for the kind of leading-edge thinking that can turn complexity into opportunity.

The future of freight

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