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Future of Mobility: cross-sector series

What will be the impact of an expanding mobility ecosystem?

Welcome to the cross-sector and cross-function series on the Future of Mobility (FOM). What changes lie ahead? Discover how the expanding mobility ecosystem will impact your business. Read about smart cities, smart mobility, financing mobility, cyber risk implications, 3D manufacturing, Mobility as a Service and more. By registering you will receive the online Future of Mobility magazine where all insights of reports, video's and interviews can be viewed.

Cross-sector series on Future of Mobility (FOM)

Throughout the last year we have shared an outside-in perspective on the future of mobility by looking at the various stakeholder groups through three different lenses: (1) the industry perspective, (2) the governmental perspective and (3) the user’s perspective.

In our Future of Mobility magazine we have combined all insights through the three lenses and hope it will enhance your understanding of the challenges and opportunities that lie within the shifting mobility ecosystem. Have an interesting read!

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Want to know more about the Future of Mobility or the cross-sector series? Please visit our Future of Mobility website or contact Frank de Bont via or +31 (0)88 288 1572 or Maarten Oonk via or +31 (0)88 288 7792.

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